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Member Spotlight: Glyn Wilkinson

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Speaker 1  0:01  

The purpose of wealth talk is to educate, inform, and hopefully entertain you on the subject of building your wealth. Wealth builders recommends you should always take independent financial tax or legal advice before making any decisions around your finances.

Christian Rodwell  0:19  

Welcome to Episode 209 of wealth talk. My name is Christian Rodwell, the membership director for wealth builders joined today by our founder, Mr. Kevin Whelan. Hello, Kevin.

Speaker 3  0:28  

Hi, Chris, good to be with you again, and what it's real, to be welcoming a member who we've been wanting to encourage for the very longest time. I know he listens avidly to the podcast. So as shout him out. Now, Mr. Glynn will concern a man I've got a huge amount of time for I admire his humility. He tells it as it is, sometimes when it's not going so well, or things have slowed down a little bit. That's life, as well as wealth building.

Christian Rodwell  0:57  

Exactly. Yeah, no, we can all see the social media posts every day and stories of people having great successes. But we know the reality is that it's not that easy. And there are a lot of people, Kevin on their wealth building journey, who gets stuck, or who never even get started at all. And we're here to do our best every day with our members to encourage them to support them, and create that community of like minded people. So that when you get stuck, you've got others that are giving you that little nudge, maybe your coach on your call each month that saying that you can do it. And also, you have to take action, you have to take that first step. And we talked about our row wise and a reason to overcome inertia. And I think that definitely plays a part in Glen's story. Let's head on over to our conversation today with Glynn Wilkinson Blinn, welcome to self talk today. How are you?

Speaker 4  1:50  

Thank you, Christian. Delighted to be here. Thanks for having me on. It's been a long time coming. But well talk is one of those podcasts I dial into every Wednesday. And I feel like I'm now on the other side of the mic. So looking forward to our discussion.

Christian Rodwell  2:02  

I know how brilliant how brilliant it has been really, really great to see your progression. Since joining wealth builders as an Academy member, all those found a member back when we launched in 2019. Very different looking to what it is today. But you've been there since the beginning with us really Glenn and today we're going to hear about some of the highs and lows, some of the learnings and the progress you've been making during that time. And I think there's going to be some really, really valuable lessons that you'll be sharing with us today. So as I say, great to have you here, Glenn, and let's kind of roll it back to 2019. Then take us back to that period of time in your life. What was going through your head? What are the reasons that you made that decision to join us?

Speaker 4  2:43  

From my perspective, Chris, I mean, I've had quite an interesting career mainly from leaving school, I was a carpenter till I was 29 then I changed career quite significantly, I moved into sales and ended up in pharmaceuticals, and was sort of high achiever in the industry. And with that came opportunities in terms of growth opportunities, in terms of Recompense etc. Or the the more I moved up the ladder, you know, the the the more the roles became more high profile, more demanding, etc, etc. So longer was not was time with the family, no time to focus on anything else other than the day job. I would say he was fantastic lifestyle, fantastic package, but very unhealthy in terms of work life balance. 2019, my role was made redundant, which was to be fair, it was a bit of a shock, and also quite a knock to my confidence and my ego. During that period, I'd obviously Chris, we'd met at one of your meetup with with the escape the rat race, which was was over in London, which was an amazing event. But I'd also been watching Kevin from a distance on LinkedIn, I connected with Kevin, and from the discussion with Kevin and also with myself, I felt wealth builders was a community I wanted to join and where you're going, and the plans you had laid out with your processes, your systems, et cetera, et cetera, for me to spell out the right place to be. And it opened up an area which I was always interested in, but didn't really have any sort of a structure or a plan in place to follow. So from that perspective, I joined wellbeloved in the July 2019, and I would say that it was like lightning turned on, you're in terms of your education, support, connection, due diligence, Guided Action, all you structures that came into play, the pillars, the seven pillars, it was like all this stuff that was there that was accessible and being accessed by many, which just opened up to me so joining wealth builders, LLC that was a was an eye opener and illuminating. I'm still here now back into 2023. So clearly, something's something's working for me.

Christian Rodwell  4:40  

Yeah, no, that's great. And you have a family as well, don't you, Glenn? So was that part of the driving reason? Legacy?

Speaker 4  4:47  

Yeah, I mean, I have three kids. Currently, they're 1817 and they're 15. So they're all quite close together. I'm now 55. I was 50 when I joined wealth builders, so you know I am closer to retirement and then what was, and also I've got some children that are coming through and will no doubt be support, you know, with university and you're helping them as much as we can practically. So from a wider perspective, I had this realisation that wants a job stopped, the salary stopped. And I needed you know if that if that was to happen again, I needed a plan B. And my plan B is, you know, really to get to a position of financial security with the cash flow. So which takes the pressure off with a view into building, you're building on my profits and building my assets, so that I'm creating your long term legacy of retirement for myself and my wife, but then a long term legacy for for the children and their children, as life moves forward.

Christian Rodwell  5:40  

So of course, everyone, at some point has the realisation that I need to do something, the next question is, what am I going to do? And that's not so easy to answer always is it and we do our best to obviously lay out a roadmap, some of those important things early on, make sure you roof is in place, going through debits and understanding yourself through wealth dynamics. So those are all kind of foundational pieces. But then you've really got to look at well, what's my plan? And you mentioned the seven pillars there in so we know that the only way to generate recurring income is from a combination of those seven pillars. And we help you kind of make decision on which are the right ones for you based on your interests based on leverage. And leverage comes in different forms. Right, we have a formula f fi rst, which I'm sure you're familiar with, which is financial leverage intellectual relationship systems time. So when you will go through that process yourself glean of assessing the different pillars, looking at what leverage you had in your life, you know, what was becoming obvious to you as the kind of direction you wanted to follow?

Speaker 4  6:39  

I think that the first thing, Chris is, obviously one one's coming into wealth builders, what for me came apparent was you have so many choices, and you can argue too many choices. And that put me in a place of wanting to understand everything before I did anything. So I spent a lot of time in the in the education phase far too long. To be fair, in hindsight, I also spent too much time procrastinating. So my leverage point I had finances, finance was was my leverage. In terms of the other parts of the first the structures were coming with wealth builders, the relationships that come in with wealth builders, in terms of the intellect, I have a level of intellect but not the intellect I felt I needed at that point. I had time to degree but I'm, you know, I'm full time employed again. So Tango is not my leverage manual. My focus is my day job. And my wealth building is during the evenings, weekends, and holidays. So it's a real interesting balance. And I feel like I don't stop. However, I'm happy with that. Because I know the outcome will be really positive. And potential I'll retire even what I would have had to in the first place. So I had finances, but too many choices.

Christian Rodwell  7:45  

So finance could come in in lots of different shapes and forms, through the home through cash through investments through pensions through businesses, where does your majority of your financial leverage blend? Okay, so

Speaker 4  7:57  

I use a combination, Chris, obviously, I had a redundancy, which was very helpful. Other very upsetting at the time, I had shares, I really worked hard on investments myself, in my own way. So I had a chunk of money there. Sadly, my mom passed away. I inherited some funds from from my mom. So there was chunks of money that came into my life for different reasons. Applying I was relatively savvy in terms of what I did. However, you know, for example, you mentioned that the roof, I mean, we had a very basic we'll all that change on adjoining wealth builders. So we now have a flexible wheel, we have a lot of trust in place, have lasting power powers of attorney. So I had them to a baseline level of knowledge for joining wealth builders, and really took that to the next level.

Christian Rodwell  8:40  

Yeah. You mentioned there the different kind of chunks of money, but I guess none of that was generating any recurring income, right? It was just sat there, correct? Yeah. And that's the key, right is to how to turn that and actually leverage that so that it's recurring income streams, which are predictable. The word passive income is thrown around out there. We know nothing's passive, right? There's always a little bit of work involved, really have to focus on one or two pillars to get going. And the seven pillars, we know that your home is the first pillar, pensions, investments, property, business, intellectual property, joint ventures. So you said you just kind of got curious about lots of stuff. Glynn? Right. So tell us about some of that education. What what did you go off and start learning about?

Speaker 4  9:21  

Well, first of all, the whole capacity. I mean, we're in a fortunate position. We have, you know, a sizable chunk of equity in the home. However, under no circumstances and discussions with Linda, my wife, we were not going to talk about that. So it's not worth going there. So that was off the table. So that left me with pensions. I have again, unfortunately terms of my pension. I didn't have a SAS I do now. We can we can come back to that. So I have a relatively good pension pot investments. Yes, I had I had some shares in investments and I utilise those funds which were sitting there just ticking along. I brought those to life with my property purchases, which again, we'll come on to in a moment. I look more into I explored more around the stock market and options. And I did a course on options, which again, amazing course. But for me, I wasn't moving quick enough in my own mind. So I packed that from the time beam. So my two pillars of choice became property, and also pension as in SAS pension. In terms of IP in joint ventures I've not, I've not gone down that route yet. But again, that will come in time, I believe. So at the moment, because the focus has been in agreement with with my wife, we decided on beta let's on the idea of a brr strategy, it didn't quite play out like that, because we've not recycled our funds. However, we're in a situation now. So from starting with wealth building 2019, to where we are now in 2023, we now have four BETA let's are all cash flowing in isolate, we light on funds in terms of our cash sitting in the properties at the moment. So yeah, in terms of what our focus on the pillars here, it was it was vital acts, which we felt we could manage that while managing our day jobs and our family life. And I think we've also initiated suspension. So we were now in a position where we have four proxies set up their cash flow nicely, so the funds we had sitting there dominantly, and then working for us, although we've not been able to pull the funds out yet. The SAS pension is now in place, the funds are now in place. And that's only happened recently. So my focus now is on my SAS pension and you know, and getting the funds working for us.

Christian Rodwell  11:23  

Yeah. Now, that's great. And I'm glad you kind of summarised that period of the last four years or so, however, we know that the action really took place in the last year or two maybe right, and there was that period at the beginning. And now I kind of want to go back to this because I think this is where there's some real good lessons where it took a long time didn't get to, shall we say pull the trigger. This isn't uncommon, there's probably people going to be listening now Glenn, who are in a similar position, or certainly have been in that position. And, and it can become a little bit frustrating. And perhaps it can even knock your confidence. And you feel like is this actually ever gonna happen? Is it gonna work? Is there something wrong? A lot of doubts, perhaps start creeping in? Now, I'm not going to put the words into your mouth, Lynn. But, you know, we had lots of conversations along the way, didn't we? And I know, conversations with Kevin as well. So what were some of the things that you feel? Maybe were holding you back? And then what happened for you to actually say, right, okay, I need to now take action,

Speaker 4  12:20  

one of the things that was holding me back was fear of getting it wrong, we had quite a bit of a poor background to begin with, and I'm in a place now where I would never have predicted, you know, in my 20s, where it'd be now so you built this, this lifestyle or build this lifestyle, and the last thing he wants to do is to come crashing down. So for me, it was definitely the fear of getting it wrong. That was one thing. Secondly, in terms of my understanding I wanted, I felt I needed to understand everything before doing anything. And really, I'm somebody that learns by doing. And I know that so I sort of realised that early on. So I spent a lot of time in the in the education phase in terms of podcasting, of dialling into anything that I caught in terms of whether it be a podcast, whether it be clubhouse, whether it would be a webinar, so I spent a lot of time trying to just absorb so much information and gossiping thing. And actually, I'm not moving forward. I mean, obviously you see in the community in the wealth builder community, you how people are moving forward and what they're achieving anything. And you compare yourself again, I was comparing myself and kind of been here, nearly three years, I've not done anything other than take on knowledge when there's so many other people that are acting. So it was a bit of a comparison with others, which is not right. But again, it was a few things that really kicked me into gear. And it was a decision, I had to do something now I just stopped completely and continue with my day job and my life as it was. So Linda and I have it we sat down and had a discussion. And what we decided to do was we're going to buy property, we're going to buy it locally, within a week review 12 properties we offered on three, we had two accepted, one went through and one didn't because the seller decided that they didn't no longer wants to sell. But at that point, he was like this weight had been lifted because that's a redacted. And we can see that we'd actually started the process of our wealth building journey. So that the property we ended up joining wealth builders in 2019 in July, the first property we purchased completed in September of 2021. The fight we bought local MPs, some of your favourite family around around the corner from where we live, we were able to keep an eye on it. We want to manage it ourselves once it gets involved. I picked up the keys on the Friday on the Saturday while I was in there just you know tidying up and getting ready for doing some light renovations. I have three viewings. On the Saturday we have a tenant secured, who was moving in within the week. So it all happened very quickly. And once that happened, it was only two way I'm thinking this is a lot easier than what I thought why haven't been they've been around for so long. And that property now we were on our second tenon. And it's you know, the growth we've had has been has been fantastic. We've had no hassle whatsoever. It's been very straightforward. So from buying that first property, we then obviously spent some of our funds and we had to really look at what what Also we were going to do, we decided we wanted to become portfolio landlords. So we need four. But Alphonse wouldn't stretch that way we live in the south. So going back to, you know, where's our leverage in terms of first, I had a good relationship with a wealth builder community and you'll, you'll know the weeds right and I'm sure many, many listeners will have reached out to Louisa Zilla, I'm looking to invest in Nottingham, who do you know, I could work with who sources who aren't you know, this is what I want to do. So the ways connecting with with a lady called Heather smail, I know has been on the podcast a while back now, but I ended up you know, I met with Heather has on the week, he's connected from day one, we decided to move forward with it with a purchase of our second property, and that was in the Nottingham area, within a month of meeting Heather we'd actually offered on two. And then within a short space of time we completed on two. So we were at property number three already, which then gave us funds for one more. So again, working with Heather, we now have our fourth property in Nottingham, which are everything again, pretty much up and running. All very straightforward and Touchwood, everything's moving as it should. So it took me such a long time to get there. But once I took action on it, it gave me the momentum I needed.

Christian Rodwell  16:07  

And isn't that such an important lesson. And again, for anyone listening now who who is just being held back, just that little bit of fear, just taking that first step, because it's expanding your comfort zone. And the other side of your comfort zone is where all the results are right, and you just got to step over there. Of course, having support around you is really important. If you're doing this completely on your own. It's scary. And that's why a lot of people never make it right. But when you've got others, as you said, you can see others are doing it. They're okay, they're safe, they're generating income, why are you not doing it yourself? And when you do take that step, then you realise Yes, you wish you'd done that much sooner. But you've done it now, Glen, so tell us how much recurring income you're generating now per month from those four properties.

Speaker 4  16:50  

So we have our security figure, Chris is 5000. At the moment where after all expenses or costs, we have about 1700 coming in, in terms of our recurring income. Yeah, we know we're not we're not there yet with our security figure, but we'd like to let's be honest with you, you're not going to be however we were our comfort zone at this point was by selectively now looking at other things. But we were very comfortable with by selects. Because we have we live in a house, you know, all seems to make sense. So, and all those other higher cash flow strategies out there. So we're at 1700, more than

Christian Rodwell  17:24  

well done. So the beauty of the seven pillars is that there's multiple ways to diversify your income streams. And you should, you know, never rely on one thing, because one, one of anything is risky, whether it's a job or business or all your money coming from property. So what are they now looking at Lynn, whilst you're obviously building up your funds, again,

Speaker 4  17:42  

our SAS is now in play, which is good. So that's really only come to life into July. So I have 50% of my funds are already committed on a third party and connected loan. And then I'm looking at the other 50% The SAS isn't already labs. To be fair, I brought one of my pensioners in which isn't overly large at this point. So my intention is at the moment now with the other 50% is to I'm going to put some into sort of a core strategy of ETFs in the stock market. And I'm also going to look at options as well with the VC generating additional cash flow with with the option strategy.

Christian Rodwell  18:17  

And we've talked about leverage time leverage, as you said, you know, you're fitting this around a full time job. So you drive right as well. And, you know, leveraging that time in the car, making it your own sort of personal University. Right. So tell us about that. And playing some of those podcasts, your children now as well.

Speaker 4  18:35  

Yeah. So I do we have a job that I'm going out in the mobile University. I mean, podcasts I get from wealth builders perspective, was my introduction to podcasts. And I would say I'm sort of addicted to them now. So I have, you know, pretty much every day of the week, there's a fresh podcast that comes out with the sales being Wednesday. You know, I have to come out on a on a Tuesday, one that comes out of a Thursday. So from a perspective of my life driving, I no longer listen to the radio, very rarely listen to the news. I'm just listening to podcasts, which for me is very interesting, because I'm taking on information, as you say, Chris, leveraging my time while so I have an hour's drive to wherever I'm going. I was like back so we get getting that time leverage if for me really helpful. When I walk the dog. I leave the phone at home and I just be with the dog and just have some time off the grid is so much but certainly in the car and podcasting all of the time. And I do take on so much in terms of my children. Yeah, my teenagers, although they grumble a little bit Oh dad, but not on other podcasts. It's really interesting. Some of the conversations that come out of this, and our wealth builders for families is coming on board now. But I'd like to think my kids have they have more of an insight than I did certainly as a teenager. I mean, they look at my desk, look at my bookshelf. Me my bookshelf is amazing. I'm so proud of my bookshelf and even proud of that I've read the majority of them as well. But my whiteboard on the wall here, there's so much content. The kids are aware of suspension, even though they perhaps don't fully understand the what they're aware of what It means and, you know, the legacy and the rationale in terms of our property locally and all the kids around there with a paintbrush. So again, going back to, you know, seeing where there is an investment, and it's a legacy for them, you know, they've all been involved with that your claim is to fail and getting involved. You know, they know what's about the process in Nottingham, my lawn back, this up is going out. Later this month, my daughter's coming up to a trip I've got I'm going up for a site visit and my daughter's coming because she's going to meet a friend on Route well, then we both have a bit of an explore the area. So it's really interesting how the kids, they're taking stuff on and they're engaging. And I think, as you said, I think wealthy families is going to be excellent as well.

Christian Rodwell  20:40  

Yeah. And also in terms of investments and helping them now to start building up that knowledge. What are some of the things that you're dealing with, and

Speaker 4  20:48  

my two boys 18 and 17. And both of them are actually my 18 ones going back to college, but they're both working part time. But all three children have premium bonds and any sort of birthday money, Christmas money, or any money that comes their way, we always have the discussion about, what percentage of that are you going to put to one side, we all have premium bonds, and we've got the funds in there because you can see their funds, the all three children have a JAXA so we, we brought their child trust funds over to adjacent with Vanguard and again that that gets topped up as well. So they've all got this, this money that's taking over in the background, my eldest son, he saved up in his premium bonds to buy himself his first car. And you know, the added bonus that he want about 150, maybe 200 pound, just on the on the monthly wind so that like this top of performance, which you know, would have taken him a long time to earn, my middle son is currently saving. He's using his pupil to save because he's going to build himself a gaming computer, which if that's what he wants to do with his money, you can do that. But again, he's also saving a percentage is for other stuff as well. He's not your easy, he's got his three pots, he has his pot for spending this pot for his gaming computer and his pot for saving. So again, we have quite a good structure there by him into which is reassuring for me.

Christian Rodwell  22:01  

Yeah. And they should be very proud of that. And also starting to rub off on Linden as well now, right? So at the beginning, she's sort of leave you to it. And now I hear she's beginning to learn some of those investing strategies as well.

Speaker 4  22:12  

Linda has been them. One of the courses I've been on an options trading limb is now going through that. So she's involved with a SAS, she mean, Lynam works four days a week, so a lot of the stuff that we need to do from an admin perspective, live and picks her up on her day off. She's currently doing the accounts. We're on to zero. And she's into that. So it's really good that it's becoming more of a family, wealth building events such

Christian Rodwell  22:34  

now that's so brilliant to hear, Glenn, I'm so pleased for you. And again, thank you for sharing, because I think it's a valuable lesson that yeah, sometimes it does take a little while to build up that momentum. But it takes a little bit of courage. As I say it takes you know, the right support around you. But once you do break through that barrier, there's obviously some great results ahead. And you're well on your way now to financial security. Glen, we look forward to celebrating that moment with you. And again, thanks for being a great member of the wealth builders community.

Speaker 4  23:02  

Thank you, Chris. And thank you for having me. I really enjoy and enjoy the community. Thank you.

Christian Rodwell  23:07  

Okay, so as we mentioned before, there, Glenn, been with us since we launched the wealth builders membership programme, so a founder member back in 2019. We launched with over 100 members and things have evolved a long way since then we've had lots of those members speak on previous episodes on previous member spotlights. And we're so thrilled to have Glenn here because as he said, It took him self a little while to get clear to get going. But once he did, once he broke through some of those fears that were holding him back. He's now seeing some really good progress and some really good monthly recurring income.

Speaker 3  23:41  

Yeah, indeed. And I think what I admire most about Glenn, is the fact when he got the realisation, very clear, from the way he shared his story, the fear of making mistakes, the challenge with the work life balance in a high paid, well respected position, and the overwhelm that can sometimes set in and then when you couple that with lots and lots of people, I suppose in the wealth builders community, with all the appearances of motoring, as often the posts will do and what is obvious that people posting internally in our community are going to be posting because they're achieving something. Those people who perhaps have got a temporary challenge, they're not going to be posting as much so very easy, and it's an interesting point. Comparison economics, I call it quits, which is not just affecting grownups in good solid people, like Glenn but also affects our younger people too. And I'm thinking about that, particularly in wealth builders for families, where we're seeing social media comparisons, the apparent ease of people making substantial sums of money and Whether that is genuinely substantial or fake, we often don't know when it often also belies the amount of effort that's taken if it is successful. And there's no substitute for the effort. One of the lessons which Glen has brought very sharply into focus is to remember he said, it's a lot easier than I thought. So the thinking is always the pre judging in what you imagined the work that needs to be done. And when you prejudge something, it's a form of prejudice. And I don't mean that in a negative way, but it's self judging. It's almost not sure I'm ready to do this. I'm not sure I can do this without making a mistake. And I think there's a temptation, as we see very often, to be caught up in the educational part of the wheel of wealth, that starting point, and it's great to be educated. It's great to be fascinated by the subject. But that fascination very soon turns into shelf help. I know, he said he was proud of his books, and he's proud he's read them. But knowledge not acted upon is if knowledge wasn't there in the first place. So our outcome is not to serve to entertain people with education, but to inform with a view to taking action. And I'm so pleased that Glenn has taken that action. And the consequence, by the way, which is touched on in your interview with him, Chris, is it's not just the community of people around that valuable. But it's the very fabric of his own family, which have been imbued by this in a way that encourages their participation with the children. And the visualisation made me smile, when I heard it, lay back in anticipation of our debrief, painting in the house, and the property they own. And his wife, Lyndon finally kind of getting on board, not in a negative way, just that different people have got different wealth dynamics, and they get engaged in different ways. So thrilled to see the whole family involved, are thrilled to see that some of those things are coming to life, which will give him even more leverage, like the SAS, and is children kind of old enough, really not children anymore, teenagers, I suppose, very soon to the young adults. And they'll have their own lessons to learn whether they move on to education into university, and they've got a gap year to fill and to fund or whether they're going into college university with the all the fees and all the necessary to go with that all of those lessons, I'm sure he will share with them very well. But great to see a whole family involved in the wealth building, and they put a smile on my face and say,

Christian Rodwell  27:51  

Yeah, and I was really excited about Glenn sharing his story with our listeners, because we know, people are held back for different reasons. And not enough time. Not enough finance, information overload, fear of failure, fear of success, in some cases, not having a plan. Exactly. That is often something holding us back. And Glenn is a really shining example of just keep going. Right, take small steps. And while some of those steps were too much education each month at the beginning, he did eventually take action, he broke through some of those fears. And the results are clear to see. So I hope that this inspires some listening now Kevin, who perhaps see themselves in a similar cycle,

Speaker 3  28:34  

I think so there'll be many people it isn't possible for everyone to be on the same journey. And you imagine, historically, Chris, we had a, almost a lockstep community of workers, then retirees, you know, there's massive, everybody going in sequence, you get a job, you then hit retirement age, you then pick up your pension, you retire, everybody moving in the same direction. The challenge with wealth these days, is those days have gone. We live our life and we build our wealth through the transitions in our life. And it's difficult to build wealth when you're permanently engaged in a job that's consuming you because the time piece is a challenging one. So important to recognise that when you're comparing yourself to others, not everybody's in the same situation as you. So your situation is unique. And I would say focus on the outcome you want not focus on the comparison. So if your outcome is 5000 a month, and you've got 1700, you're a third of the way there, which is great. And when you're well on the way the acceleration picks up, the SAS will come into play. His wife and her energy will come into play, some more of those things will come into play, who knows the children might even be involved in the kind of family wealth business and accelerate that with their energy, their enthusiasm and so on. Who knows is where that will take them. But we know that the momentum has started. And like rolling downhill, it will only get quicker as the distinctions he makes in his family might get sharper. And that's our role is to try and bring as many of those distinctions to cut the pathways to make it faster, easier and more enjoyable for anybody to build their wealth. And this is what we love to do. This is what we love to do. And we're so pleased that Glen has stayed with us, we thank him warmly, continue to stay with us he could have given up right, he could have easily given up and just said our wealth Schmelzer doesn't mean anything. I'll just pick up the normal pension at the normal age, but he hasn't, he's persevered. And perseverance is an incredibly valuable skill in wealth building. And I applaud him for it.

Christian Rodwell  30:48  

Yeah, and if you'd like to join Glenn, and our other members inside the wealth builders Academy, where we help you to create a clear plan to move from financial insecurity to financial independence, then you can find out more information by heading to the wealth builders website, which is wealth forward slash Academy. And if you're not already a member of our private Facebook group, our online community which is free to everyone, then hit Facebook search for wealth builders, or again go to wealth forward slash Facebook. So thanks for listening today. And Kevin, you and I will catch up Same time, same place next week.

Unknown Speaker  31:25  

We will indeed my friend and until then, see ya.

Speaker 1  31:31  

We hope you enjoy today's episode. Don't forget that we are constantly updating our resources inside a wealth builders membership site to help you create, build and protect your wealth. Head over to wealth right now for free access. That's wealth

Episode notes

In this captivating episode of WealthTalk, we shine a spotlight on one of our founding WealthBuilders members, Glyn Wilkinson. Join us as we delve deep into Glyn's inspiring journey within the WealthBuilders, where financial transformation and empowerment are at the forefront.

Having been one of the 100 founding WealthBuilders members when he joined in 2019, Glyn Wilkinson, shares his invaluable experiences, the challenges he’s had to overcome and his success stories since joining the programme.

Listen in as he discusses how WealthBuilders has empowered him to take control of his financial future, make informed investment decisions, and build a path towards financial independence.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting your wealth-building journey, this episode offers valuable insights and motivation to help you achieve your financial goals.

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