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Your personal wealth plan on one page like you've never seen before

A personalised 1:1 zoom call highlighting the greatest opportunities for you to start building recurring income from assets right now.
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Includes FREE Wealth Dynamics Test + Debrief [Value £125]

Identify new opportunities to create income

Review your wealth protection

A clear plan with the next actions to take

A Unique Wealth-building Process

Building wealth isn't easy. Too many people 'drift' through life without focusing on their own wealth plan. It's been proven that where focus goes, energy flows. The WealthMap has been designed to help you see your financial assets in a way you've never seen before, with a clear view of where the low-hanging wealth-building opportunities are and how to capitalise on them.

Key areas we'll be covering on the call

There are 5 levels of wealth. 95% of the UK population never reach financial independence. We'll help you identify which level you're at, and the quickest way to reach the next level.
At WealthBuilders, we refer to assets as 'pillars'. Each pillar can be used to generate flows of recurring income. The more pillars you have in place, the more financially secure you'll be.

Be part of the 5% that become financially independent.

See more of what our amazing community members have to say.
  • I failed in my previous attempts to grow my wealth mainly because I lacked support, the right knowledge, and a structure. WealthBuilders have given me those three critical elements, which have grown my confidence to take action. Thanks to WealthBuilders, I now have a clear plan, and by following that plan, I know I will absolutely achieve my financial freedom goals.
    Errol Williamson
  • My wife and I have been members of WealthBuilders for just over a year now, and during this time we have developed a plan to become financially secure within the next few years. We could not have done this without them. I highly recommend it, and if you are serious about building recurring income from assets, then you can't go wrong with WealthBuilders.
    Robert Ward
  • For 10 years, my wife and I had been progressing slowly with building our wealth and looking at how we would become financially independent and be able to look forward to a financially secure retirement. Finding WealthBuilders has dramatically transformed our thinking, made us focus, made us plan, made us target results, and given us the push we needed. The results (still in progress) have been/ will be life-changing for us.
    Geoff Sturtivant

    How this works: 3 step process


    Complete the pre-call questionnaire and your wealth dynamics assessment

    wealth chart preview

    60-minute 1:1 Zoom call to create your WealthMap

    wealth chart preview

    Decide whether to execute your plan by yourself or with our support

    wealth chart preview
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    Here's what's included

    60 minute 1:1 zoom call

    A 1:1 session from the privacy of your own home or office. You'll be sent the recording so you can review or watch with a partner.

    Your one-page WealthMap

    After the call, we'll send you your PDF WealthMap with everything completed so you can start focusing on building more wealth.

    The Roof & The Foundation

    We'll also review these critical elements of the wealth-building process that reduce your expenses & protect your wealth.

    Wealth Dynamics

    We'll send you a token to complete the assessment beforehand. On the call, we'll show you how this can help you to follow the right wealth strategy.

    The right assets for you

    There are 7 pillars of wealth. The WealthMap will help identify which ones you should be focusing on to reach your next financial level in the shortest time.

    Knowing what to do next

    We'll look at the different ways WealthBuilders can support you to begin implementing your plan, through education & our trusted community of professionals.

    Plans & Pricing

    £249 inc. vat

    After registering, you'll be sent your wealth dynamics token and a questionnaire to complete in advance of your call.

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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm already building wealth, how will this help?
    Congratulations! The hardest step is usually the first, so well done for already generating income from assets. For most people, they are still relying on a single asset class - whether that's property, business or investments. When it comes to building wealth, one of anything is risky. We teach a holistic approach to building wealth across multiple assets, or 'pilars' as we refer to them. This diversification provides more financial security and peace of mind. The WealthMap strategy call will look at all 7 pillars and identify any opportunities for you to be generating additional income streams.
    Will you tell me what strategy to follow?
    When it comes to building wealth, there are hundreds of different strategies that can be used to generate cashflow. To understand what strategy or strategies could be the right fit for you, would take longer than the 60 minutes we have to create your WealthMap. What the WealthMap will identify, however, is which of the 7 pillars (asset classes) offer you the greatest opportunity to begin generating additional streams of income. Once you know which asset class to focus on, then it becomes much easier to decide on your winning strategy. The WealthBuilders Academy supports our members to find their winning strategy, and then execute upon their wealth plan with 1:1 accountability sessions with a wealth coach every month.
    When do the calls take place?

    After you have completed your pre-call questionnaire, you will be provided with a link to schedule your 1:1 zoom call. Calls can be scheduled between 9am-6pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you are unable to attend a call during these hours we will do our best to accommodate an alternative that suits you.

    I don't have any assets or spare cash.
    If you are at the very beginning of your wealth-building journey, then the WealthMap strategy call might not be the best place to start. It can be hard to build wealth (but not impossible) if you do not yet have some financial leverage to work with - such as a residential home, pensions, a business or investments/cash. We would recommend that you start with our D.E.B.I.T.S Challenge, which will help you find, save and make money, which you can then use to begin your wealth-building journey.
    What information do you require beforehand?
    All of the information that you submit in order for us to create your WealthMap is completely confidential. After you register, you will receive an email which contains a link to an online typeform. We will ask you to provide details in relation to each of the 7 pillars. This includes such information as whether you are a home owner, your existing mortage debt, the value of your pensions, the value of your different investments and any recurring income you are already generating from either a property portfolio or a business. Without clear and accurate information, we cannot provide you with our best analysis of what steps to take to begin generating additional income from assets. If you wish to discuss this with us before registering, please contact us.

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