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A simple, step-by-step process to build wealth

WealthBuilders Academy offers a structured process for ambitious employees and time-poor business owners who want to build wealth and become financially independent within 5 years, without overwhelm or fear of making mistakes.

Financial peace of mind

Freedom of choice

More time with family

Stop drifting and commit to building your wealth.

We know how to make it possible for anyone to become completely financially independent. If you want a crystal clear and predictable roadmap to help you build your wealth and create multiple streams of income, look no further.

Wealth is not just about money in the bank - it's about living life on your terms; having the time to do what you want, when you want and with who you want.

Creating the wealth you wish for shouldn't be so hard.

Here's what holds people back...

Lack of Knowledge

Lack of knowledge often leads to a lack of confidence. We call this inertia. Our holistic wealth-building programme includes over 100 training videos.

Not sure where to begin

We've helped hundreds of people to take their first step towards wealth and you're protected by our full money-back guarantee within your first 60 Days.

Lack of Time

We understand that you have many commitments. If you can commit 8hrs/month, we can teach you how to build wealth.

Fear of making mistakes

Fear comes from uncertainty and lack of clarity. We'll act as your trusted guide, combined with the support of your wealth coach & fellow peers.

No starting capital

This is not an excuse to not start. Within the first 30 days of joining we'll teach you a process that saves our members an average £858/yr

Information overload

Our 9 step roadmap is simple to follow and focuses you on choosing one primary wealth-building strategy to begin with, most suitable for you.

Your learning begins with a solid foundation

Kevin Whelan from WealthBuilders


We provide you with the know-how in the form of video modules within our private membership site. We'll then work together to help you implement that knowledge as part of your own unique WealthPlan.
Kevin Whelan from WealthBuilders


In addition to a solid education you'll also receive support from Kevin Whelan and our experienced wealth coaches - guiding you and holding you accountable on your WealthPlan each month.
Kevin Whelan from WealthBuilders


Building wealth is more effective and more enjoyable when you work with others. We'll facilitate introductions to others who are on the same path or slightly ahead, as well as trusted partners & professionals.

Be part of the 5% that become financially independent.

See more of what our amazing community members have to say.
  • I joined the WealthBuilders Academy and with the advice, guidance and support of Christian, Kevin and my coach, and by following the roadmap, I’ve built two businesses and we’ve started on our property journey. I’m now earning enough through a number of different income streams to sack my boss and focus on what I love doing most!
    Andy Labrum
  • After a conversation with Christian I started testing if my business idea was viable and if people would pay for the service. My business now brings through about £6000/month. Now the plan is to scale up with the goal of being able to step back in a year or so and have that passive income coming in. In that same space of time my husband has been able to create his own business and leave his corporate job!
    Helen Crabtree
  • For me joining the WealthBuilders Academy has been a life changing experience. From being given a serious of inputs and challenges to confront, to being assigned an excellent coach, to showing me the power of leverage in knowledge, time, connections, resources and more. I have matured in these 12 months probably more than at any point in the last twenty years.
    Gianpaolo Parodi
  • I have been a member of the WB Academy for just over a year now. I highly recommend the programme because of all the support you get, the clear roadmap to follow and the built-in accountability. Sometimes we all need a little kick to get going. Having a coach has made a huge difference – I have the accountability I need to take action and the confidence that I’m taking the *right* actions.
    Elitsa Naydova

    Plans & Pricing

    Each plan includes the following benefits:
    • 100+ Online video modules + wealth lessons
    • 'Pillar Specific' mastermind sessions
    • 1:1 Strategy Calls with a Wealth Coach
    • Private Online Community
    • Online Support Desk [Mon-Fri]
    • Buddy Group for Accountability
    • Directory of Trusted Professionals
    • Partners join for free

    12 monthly payments

    Spread the cost (Total payable £3540+vat)
    £295 +vat

    One time payment

    Best value - Get 2 months free (15% discount)
    £2995 +vat

    100% Risk-Free Guarantee

    We're confident that if you do the work - you'll get tremendous value and see the results for yourself. We back that up with our risk-free guarantee. Here's how it works.

    If within 60 days of registering you, in any way, don't feel that the programme has delivered on it's promise, simply let us know and you can have a full refund.

    Enrol now and get these additional bonuses!

    WealthMap Strategy Call

    £ 295 - Included with your Academy membership
    A personalised 1:1 zoom call to highlight where the greatest opportunities are for you to start building a recurring income from assets, so you can break free from the time-for-money trap.

    Wealth Dynamics Assessment + Debrief

    £150 - Included with your Academy membership
    Wealth Dynamics is the world’s number one profiling tool to help you focus on your strengths when you start your own business. You’ll discover which of the eight entrepreneurial profiles you are, along with practical advice on how to apply this to increase your personal flow in all areas of your life.


    £20 - Included with your Academy membership
    The WealthChart guides you through our 9 step recurring revenue roadmap ensuring you never let 30 days go by without tracking your goals and results. A high-quality, durable A1 Size (59cm x 84cm) wall-chart with wipe-clean laminated finish allowing you to keep track of your wealth-building progress year after year.

    " I've been transformed from feeling like a victim at the mercy of corporate restructuring, to a confident man with a plan who is on the path towards a happy, successful and secure future for myself and my family. "

    Rob Sharp

    Meet Our Wealth Coaches

    Our coaches bring an array of specialist knowledge across each of the 7 pillars of wealth and are proof themselves that our process works.
    We'll assign you your own coach for a monthly 1:1 Zoom call when you join the Academy.

    Bronwen Vearncombe

    Property Investor | SSAS Trustee | Author

    In just two years, Bronwen and her husband John replaced their corporate income with property rental income and left their jobs

    Toby Spanier

    Business Advisor | Property Investor

    Former senior Deloittes consultant Toby has set up management consultancy services, property sourcing & private equity investing.

    Manish Kataria

    Professional Multi-Asset Investor
    CFA-qualified professional investor with 18 years experience in fund management and UK property investment. Due diligence expert.

    Ian Halfpenny

    Business Owner | Property Investor | Author
    Ian moved from financial insecurity, through financial security to financial independence in just 22 months and was able to retire in his 30’s

    Carol Robinson

    SSAS Trustee | Property Developer | Educator
    Carol spent 20 years in the global corporate world operating in senior positions, managing global teams and transforming businesses.

    Jon Dale

    Property Investor | SSAS Trustee
    Jon joined WealthBuilders as a founder member. This helped him to focus and he achieved his financial goals within 24 months.

    " I've been listening to the podcasts now for 12 months. In February this year I decided to take control of my own financial destiny. Everyone I have come across has acted with integrity and honesty and the community is very supportive. "

    Andrew Colver

    Paul Wareham

    WealthBuilders Academy Member
    "If I look at myself 18 months ago - lacking in confidence, no connections, no real knowledge of how to turn both my pension and property into a recurring income. Now I've got five property investments, I’ve got two businesses that are have bought and sold property, and I’m now developing property. Without WealthBuilders I know I would have gone down rabbit holes and wasted money and time."

    Ivor Bennett

    WealthBuilders Academy Member
    "I started by listening to the podcasts that you (Christian) and Kevin were doing and straight away I was hooked on the knowledge which I was gleaming. There was no hard sell, I found that everything was approached with ‘we want you to succeed’. My mindset is unrecognisable from when I started. This is down to two things: I know have a plan, but also the community. There are so many people that just really want to help you out."

    You'll have support every step of the way

    As soon as you join the WealthBuilders Academy, you'll have guidance and support from a team of like-minded entrepreneurs in a safe and encouraging environment.
    • Wealth Coaches
    • Online Helpdesk
    • Group Coaching
    • Buddy Groups
    • Community
    • Private online group

    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    How is this programme different from other courses which teach you how to get rich?

    Integrity is one of our highest values. Building wealth is not easy and it takes time and commitment. 95% of the population never become financially independent. This is most likely down to not having a clear plan, a lack of support and guidance, fear of making mistakes ...and a culmination of other reasons such as not having enough time or money.

    At WealthBuilders, we believe everybody has the right to be completely financially independent - and we know the formula that must be followed to achieve it. This is what we teach - a holistic approach to wealth, using a combination of assets (or pillars as we refer to them). We do not provide specialist training in different property strategies, or investing in the markets, or starting a business per se. But we do provide an overview of all the different ways to build wealth, and then help you to choose the right combination of pillars and strategies best suited to your individual needs.

    If you decide to focus on a specific asset class, you may wish to seek additional training to help you with that, alongside the support you will be receiving from WealthBuilders. We can help you to find the best training, and in many cases have negotiated preferable terms for your benefit.

    What if I try the programme and it doesn't work for me - can I get a refund?

    Yes. We've always backed our programme with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here's how it works.

    If within 60 days of registering you, in any way, don't feel that the programme has delivered on it's promise, simply let us know and you can have a full refund.

    We devote a tremendous amount of time, energy and human resource into helping our students in this programme, so it's vital that you're as committed to taking action as we are to supporting your success.

    What kind of technology is required?

    Our online training is easy to follow and access using any kind of computer, tablet or smartphone. Upon registration you will be sent your own unique login details to access our members area. Here you will find the training modules consisting of videos, audio and PDF downloads to accompany the programme.

    If you know how to use a smartphone, then you'll have no difficulty accessing all of the content and support provided.

    For how long can I access the programme?

    As soon as you register you'll be granted access to the private members area containing all of the training modules. Not all of the modules will be accessible immediately, as we want to ensure that every member has conducted a full review of their personal and financial foundation - before rushing ahead to some of the more advanced training. You will have access to the full training, all recordings and materials plus the private online community for as long as your membership remains active.

    The initial registration period is for 12 months, after which you will have the option to renew on a monthly recurring subscription. You can cancel this subscription at any time. Upon cancelling your membership, your access to the resources, training and community will be restricted. You can rejoin again in the future to regain access should you decide to.

    I'm completely new to wealth-building, will this work for me?

    Absolutely! The WealthBuilders Academy is a step by step process that begins with an understanding of where you are right now, and where you want to get to. No matter how big that gap may be, we will teach you the steps that you need to take to begin generating recurring income from assets.

    If you are already generating income from assets, and your goal is to reach a higher level beyond security or Independence, our process will work just as effectively for you too. No matter what stage of the wealth-building journey you are at, you can try the programme for 60 days completely risk-free and decide for yourself whether the programme is suitable for you, or not.

    If I can't make one of the live monthly coaching calls or webinars, will I miss out on any of the training?
    No, you won't miss out. All of the group coaching calls and guest webinars will be recorded and uploaded inside of the members area. You can catch-up on all of these whenever and wherever you like. We also make the audio recordings of these available for you to download and listen 'on the go'.
    Who are the coaches that will be teaching me?
    You'll have access to a team of professional mentor coaches to support you throughout the duration of your membership. These coaches are experienced in the principles that we teach, and are trained specifically to coach you through our 9 step process for building wealth. In addition, you'll have access to outstanding support from our team and the WealthBuilders Community by your side.
    How much time do I need to set aside for this?

    We understand that you most likely have a busy schedule, and so we suggest that as long as you can commit 1 day per month [8 hours] to wealth-building then this is enough to see progress. Of course, this can be broken down into smaller blocks of time to fit your schedule and availability. We have at least 1 x 2 hour group coaching or guest webinar every month which can count towards your education, and the rest of the time should be spent implementing on your WealthPlan with the guidance of you coach, the training modules and the community.

    Like most things, the more time you commit - the more likely you are to experience better results. To be clear, we promise no overnight or guaranteed results. Building wealth should be viewed as a long-term activity, not something that can be achieved within 12 months. This programme will provide you with the necessary education, support and connections to help you understand the process for building wealth - the implementation part is down to you!

    Find out how the Academy can help you