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Member Spotlight: Andreas Loizou

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Speaker 1  0:01  

The purpose of wealth talk is to educate, inform, and hopefully entertain you on the subject of building your wealth. Wealth builders recommends you should always take independent financial tax or legal advice before making any decisions around your finances.

Christian Rodwell  0:20  

Welcome to Episode 211 of wealth talk. My name is Christian Rodwell, the membership director for wealth builders joined today by our founder Mr. Kevin Whalen. Hello, Kevin.

Speaker 3  0:28  

Hi, Chris. Good to be with you. Again. This is the real me, not the AI me. We've been doing some AI experiments. And he quickly captured my voice and put a note out to all our staff, saying I finally changed my mind. I've become a Sunderland supporter, much to the roaring delight of everybody around and then Good job. It was tongue in cheek. So

Christian Rodwell  0:50  

I was hoping you'd see the funny side any day? Of course I did. Yeah. So you know, we're really leveraging technology and systems and software. And it's really exciting.

Speaker 3  1:01  

I think we're going to listen to an interview today with one of our members who's gone through a transition from doing things smaller to doing things much bigger 10 axing almost, I think he refers to it. And I think part of the issue that everybody can teknicks Everybody's got the power to go from where they are now, to get a multiple return on where they are now. But you have to do it incrementally, you can't go from naught to 10x. Like I say, when we're talking about the seven pillars, if you imagine their gears in a car, you can't go from a standing start into seventh gear, because you'll mess up the engine or another word that might mean that but you really do things, some damage and some real serious noise and grating, it stop you in your tracks and you wouldn't be able to carry on. But when you go through the process, through transitions, you're getting stronger, better, which is why we encourage people to make small decisions, often not big decisions. And I think the transformation that we see here in this story is a very powerful one and very, very simple lessons that can be pulled out.

Christian Rodwell  2:12  

Absolutely. So yeah, we're inviting Batman Dressler zoo today, who's one of our members, who joined us back in 2019. And he shared previously on Episode 144, about his journey up until that point, but he's really accelerated since then. And today, we're specifically going to dive into one of his deals that he's recently done. I've just mentioned before we go into that interview, Kevin, that we're holding our launch webinar on Tuesday, the third of October. So for anyone listening now, who's been enjoying the recent episodes where we've really been expanding to look at wealth for the whole family, not just the individual, then please do mark this day in your diary. We are so looking forward to announcing our wealth builders for families membership offering and helping parents to become better money role models for their children,

Speaker 3  2:56  

and secure their oxygen mask before they help others.

Christian Rodwell  3:00  

Absolutely. So if you're interested in joining us, please head to wealth forward slash families launch and register your seat absolutely free. We're doing two sessions, one at lunchtime one in the evening. That's Tuesday, third of October. And we look forward to seeing you there. All right, so let's head into our conversation now with Andrew Isla Zoo. And we'll head back afterwards Kevin and do the usual debrief. And Darius, welcome back to wealth talk. How

Speaker 4  3:24  

are you? I'm good question. Nice to be back. Again.

Christian Rodwell  3:28  

It is episode 140. For quite some time ago, actually, you were our member spotlight that week. And things have progressed very nicely for you since then, today, specifically, we're going to be taking a deep dive into one of your most recent deals and dress. And that was all around title splitting. So we're gonna get into the numbers and things that perhaps you weren't aware of which you certainly now are aware of having spent the last six months or so getting this deal across the line. And it's a great deal. And it's really boosted you nicely in terms of recurring income. So we'll find out how that moved you closer towards your next financial goal and dress. Let's just quickly summarise you joined wealth builders as one of our founding members back in 2019. Take us back to that moment. What was in your head? What made you join?

Speaker 4  4:17  

Yeah, so yeah, it feels very long ago. Having that that network group around you, I think that was the missing part of the fact that you know, I have a day job. I think being around like minded individuals and sharing different experiences like today, you know, hearing others how they've achieved their goals. And I think that's, that's where it's, you know, led me to where I am today. So I think that that was the initial leap in terms of where I was and joining the members group and I think the bit that mostly interested me was, you know, having those monthly calls with the coaches and you know that that was a huge value over the years, just providing that that support Yeah, we

Christian Rodwell  5:00  

obviously base everything we do on education support connections, had you done much education in business or property before he started? Well,

Speaker 4  5:10  

interesting that you say that because I remember I started business back in GCSE, and I wasn't good at it. I'm gonna be very honest and frank. So I don't think business was one of my interesting topics back in the days. But I think over time, and the fact that I'm working within the finance and banking industry, I think that's helped me understand in terms of how the engine works, and how numbers work in general. But in terms of property education, the way I have found, my feet is pretty much getting myself in the nitty gritty part of of the deal, and reading and listening to different podcasts, and different individuals that have done what I'm looking to do. And just basically, taking a lot of notes down taking a lot of research that I've consumed, and then just going out and implementing it and learning as I go on. And I think the deal that I've done recently, is probably a prime example. And we'll probably touch on it a bit later on.

Christian Rodwell  6:14  

Yeah. And I've seen you at work, shall I say in the community by asking questions, just leveraging the experience the knowledge of others around you, and as you say, just getting going and just learning as you go. And a lot of people go through that analysis, paralysis and shelf development, we've all heard the terms, right, where people learn and learn and learn and learn, but never actually take any action and you've taken action, you've got some results. So let's hear about this deal. Then Andres set the scene for us.

Speaker 4  6:44  

So it's similar to how I've done title splitting the task so that the deal in general was a seaside town. It's actually a grade two listed building. It's consisting of six flats, all within a freehold so it didn't have your typical leasehold agreements in place. So the purchase itself was purchased as a single freehold we have six units. And the other benefit of this particular deal was there was quite a bit of land at the back with two garages that happens to be rented out, you know, it was rented by the nearby pub, so they were using it as a bit of parking. There's a lot of benefit by doing it through this particular strategy. There's certain stamp duty tax benefits that you get relief on, as well as this particular deal itself, utilising the SAS. So my SAS was obviously recently approved, but the SAS took quite a long, lengthy time to get the funds transferred, or as you say, you know, get the fuel going within the pension. That was another obstacle and challenge for me. But once the funds were there, this particular opportunity provided that scope to implement that strategy. But again, taking what I've learned from my previous deal was just purely residential similar block six flats, what we did with this particular deal was, we took it, we not only divided the flats and created those six individual leases, but we also divided the lands into two. So it had two separate titles, where the SAS could then be utilised and purchase the land at market value, and it's actually generating a good income from day one. So that's in a nutshell, in terms of how the deal is structured. You know, if you want me to get into the nitty gritty numbers as well,

Christian Rodwell  8:46  

I definitely do. But let me pause you at that moment and ask you the question that our listeners might be thinking right now, how did you find the deal? So tell us about that.

Speaker 4  8:56  

I think as I develop my knowledge and skill set, I started becoming a bit more intrigued in terms of how much I can buy in one go. So I was looking at block purchases. So instead of having buy where to buy six flats, I will need to pay solicitor six times a broker six times six times the amount of chasing. So the way I found this particular deal was simple right move. So it wasn't an off market deal. The property was there listed. And I was just looking at number one, is it a freehold and number two, how many units are in that freehold? And just doing back of an envelope calculation of okay, how much is a flap worth individually and collectively is the value higher than what they are selling the unit? So it's not you know, the initial analysis started from there and then it progressed into a a bigger deal than why I've actually expected it to be with the SAT and even the purchase price itself was negotiated three times it was renegotiated halfway through the conveyancing process. So I was able to get the property at a cheaper price than what it was was advertised. But I think looking at properties that are freehold and that have six plus units and just, you know, working out, what is the price of that unit individually, and then totaling up and taking it from there.

Christian Rodwell  10:31  

And you talked about not having really invested in formal education. But of course, education comes in lots of different forms of podcasts, webinars, books. And if I remember correctly, your first title split, which you did back in 2021, you told me that it was through listening to a podcast by Simon Azuchi on title splitting that gave you the initial curiosity about this strategy.

Speaker 4  10:55  

Yeah, it's almost like a perfect timing scenario there because I was listening to the podcast. And at that time, I was, you know, when I hear something is that oh, when I get the interest is that okay, let's let's go on Rightmove, let's have a look to the previous deal like that I got over the line back in 2021. That one was an off market deal. The agent at that time said to me, it's out of your price scope, I think it's not for you. And then you know, once I looked at it, and I said, Oh, actually, I can add value at the one by just doing this title split. But yeah, it all evolved from that particular podcast, the skill set education, the first title split wasn't an education for me in terms of the right people that I need around me to get the job done, learns a lot around lease plans, you know, there's certain legal documentation that you need to have prior to completion, which I learned previously. And then, once I got this still over the line, I knew exactly almost like a bit of a checklist I had what I needed to do. But again, you always learn, and this one was another learning experience. So as next door comes along, I think I will know what the looking at what

Christian Rodwell  12:13  

we teach the wheel of wealth, the process of turning a wheel on any strategy. And as you say, there, you turn the wheel. Once you've done a title split, and each turn of the wheel, it should get a little bit easier. Because you obviously have got experience, you've built up your team. And hopefully you can start to build more profit as well from the deals. And just going back to your wealth coach there. I know you've got lots of different support mechanisms around you and dress. But how important was it having that check in and let's give your coach or your coaches a bit of a name check as well?

Speaker 4  12:42  

Yeah, absolutely. I think big shout out to Manish because I'm pretty sure at some point, it was a bit of a meeting nagging saying, you know, what do I do in this scenario? This number doesn't look right. I think it is crucial to have those those calls because it just gives you a second point of view, because you're me, I've been working on that this particular deal since March April time and only got it over the line last month. So as you always look at the number USC the number the same, but when someone else comes in, reviews the deal with you in detail. So okay, like an example, we sat together and we said, Okay, let's go through the numbers in a bit more detail. Let's break it down by that individual flat, let's look at the market value. Is it reasonable? Or is it sensible. And to be honest, the amount of times I redid my recalculated my numbers, each time I was doing, I was getting a different number, a different number. And then it came to a certain point that that number became a little bit more concrete. And where I was more comfortable with. So I think huge shout out to my niche, but also a couple members within the wealth builders community as well, where I had a separate catch ups as well individually, and they provided their feedback. So I think, again, going back to having the right group around you, I think that that, you know gives you that level of comfort and support that you need to get it over the line.

Christian Rodwell  14:11  

So obviously, there's a lot of information that goes with this deal, and we won't be able to cover it all and dress but certainly the highlights and the lessons, I want to pull out as much as possible. So it took you around about five months then from finding the deal to actually buying it. Can you highlight any key learnings? Were there any kind of highs and lows throughout that particular period, which you can share with our listeners that they might that might help them?

Speaker 4  14:37  

It was like four seasons for me. I think there's so many highs and lows and there's always obstacles and I think again, going back to finding the deal never be settled with what the price has been listed on Rightmove. So, using this particular example is list that 975 I agree that nine out of five any again after renegotiating through the conveyancing process, I agree that 870 Now this particular property without doing any refurbishments, pure paperwork has been revalued at 1.2 million. And you know, that is market price. Even the housing market that is constantly changing and evolving. In terms of challenges, there's just so many to think of this is this is the thing. So I think it was more what I guess the q1 was, I had private investor that was geared up to bridge the deposit shortfall. So I was going to do my first JV partnership as well. Normally, I was going to do my first SAS, I was gonna be my first JV partnership that fell through two or three weeks before completion was due. So is trying to find other investors to come in at the deal, because it came to a point where I was thinking, Okay, this is this is pulling apart. But luckily, family came in, given them a, you know, a good return on their investment, their cash that they've provided. At the same time, I'm providing my knowledge and skill set in terms of how to structure this deal. So they can also implement the same structure that I have. I've also accomplished but also, given lenders have increased their requirements. Every single time, I was answering one question that the lender was asking, and I was getting to other questions that were coming out, you know, last minute requirements for fire risk assessment, that was, again, two weeks before completion, it was a lot of emotions, to say the least. And I guess, going back to Lessons Learned, again, in terms of SAS, given it was my first time deploying the SAS and again, I had my coach, and also provide Gary a bit of a shout out as well, because he's also provided a bit of guidance on that structure as well, is also learning the conveyancing process from the SAS side and incorporating it from the residential side. So there were huge and huge amounts of learning, just thinking out loud, all these different ones, even the valuation was expiring in three months. So I had to get the completion done before it expires, because there had a risk of being devalued because of the market change. So it was all everything coming down to a single date. To get it all completed by I guess, going back to the benefits out of this one, I was able to get my SAS invested, which at the moment, it's getting 9% return on investment, stamp duty land tax, I was able to save around 30,000 pounds worth of stamp duty, through multi dwelling relief by doing the title splitting family members, you know, they're getting a good return on their investment. And most importantly is you know, that equity that's been produced on day one, through the element of doing the title split.

Christian Rodwell  17:58  

I want to dive into the SAS a little bit more and definitely, Gary Wieland, Kevin's brother, being a great SAS expert for our SAS members. Again, you don't know what you don't know, three, four years ago, would you have considered that your pension at that point could be owning some land,

Speaker 4  18:17  

I still have a bit of disbelief, the fact that I was able to do that, number one, I was able to move my corporate salary over to my directors pension, and second of all be able to purchase at the end of the day, it's land with two guarantees. But that land, there's scope for redevelopment. So again, there's a second face to this project. But even when I discuss these things with my work colleagues, oh, I didn't know you can do that. And I'm like, yeah, sometimes I'll say Oh, I'm just gonna go and have a look at this land. I'm thinking about my pension purchasing it as a way of diversifying my my risk and try to have a bit of a different asset. Four years ago, I've never heard about a SAS, even if I did have the thought can't be done. At the beginning. I think someone was telling me it can't be done. But clearly proof is in the pudding. You know, it can be done. It was definitely an awakening and something that I'll look to expand as well.

Christian Rodwell  19:15  

What puts you in control and it gives you options. It opens up funding, you know, so many benefits. And another aspect is, of course now what you're going to do moving forward. So initially you found the deal, the plan was to buy to split, what's the plan, plan change now

Speaker 4  19:33  

is constantly changing. You know, in terms of being forward looking and sticking to my plan and goal. Originally the deal was structured to purchase split and sell. That was the plan on keeping the force on refinancing before as we speak. The other two were looking I'm looking to sell them on to get some of the equity out of the bill. We're looking to redevelop the land at the back so that will create additional equity from you know, all the figures have given you that, you know, additional, I will say icing on the cake of potential increase in equity in that particular area. But I think in terms of getting to security, I'm probably 50 pounds shore security. So I'll try and find a way to squeeze another 50 pounds somewhere. But I guess once I have the property, fully tenancy than the land behind redeveloped, I think, you know, I'll be passed security halfway through to financial independence, which is, to me a huge point in my journey. I'll say this is not the end of, of my purchasing, or these types of buildings, I think I'm becoming more focused on these particular deals. It's the second time I've done it, I can see the benefit. When I explain it to people who are interested in Title splitting, they see I was in disbelief. When obviously you hear a podcast, you think, oh, you know, that can't be done similar to a SAS. But it can be done being persistent and never losing focus. I think, for me, I'm a little bit also a bit stubborn. But I think the stubbornness also helps out in getting deals over the line, especially if I see something and I like something. And I'm very determined to hit targets. So I guess yeah, it's just hitting that security number, which we're pretty much there.

Christian Rodwell  21:24  

And how much is that security level for you? Andrew is

Speaker 4  21:27  

probably around 2700 pounds, this particular bill at the moment. So it's given me so 150 pounds from the commercial, and 450 from the resi nets. And that could increase to around we're projecting around one and a half to 2000. Nets. And again, I'll be going into a bit more of a holiday let's strategy for this particular build. So that's a learning experience for me as I turned the other wheel. So yeah, it's definitely a lot of opportunity with it's still,

Christian Rodwell  22:02  

yeah, so that's a massive boost to your monthly recurring income. And as you say, once you hit Security, and you've turned the wheel twice on a certain strategy, then the path from security to independence should be much more accelerated. And we see that very often. You're very much on the right track, and you touched on it a little bit there as well. And J is about mindset about, I suppose the emotion of actually what this means as well, because talk to us about some of the relationship, perhaps even with family around money, and we had a chat about some currencies this year, which made you think about things and perhaps you can share a bit about that.

Speaker 4  22:37  

Yeah, I think we all goes back to your upbringing and what you've experienced when you were growing up? And I think, for me, I've always questions. Why cannot have that? Or how do I achieve that? I think that's, you know, led me to question the system and, and not being shy of numbers, you know, even even this particular deal. When I first bought my first property, it was around 60 70,000 pounds. So this property is close to a million. When I discussed that with my family, it's are you sure you're doing the right thing? Are you are you comfortable? And do you know what you're doing? Are you able to rent it out, especially my grandparents as well, you know, it's a different generation or mindset, it's just being comfortable with the process. I think in terms of the numbers, as much as it probably sounds, it's an additional zero at the end of that number. But percentage wise, and you know, the structure is exactly the same. But at the same time, you need to be cautious and mindful in terms of the risks that are involved in any deal that you do. Even the interest rates is a primary example. Even the housing market is, you know, where prices are going. Interest rates are increasing, you need to always have some cash buffer to protect yourself. And I think it also links back to your foundation, you know, making sure you've got insurance in place. I think the relevant life is another area that I've explored in listening into the SAS podcasts. But yeah, I think in terms of family, not really used to dealing with with numbers of this magnitude, I think it's just, you know, if you can make them comfortable, I think, probably doing something right. The level of got a little bit off topic there.

Christian Rodwell  24:27  

Well, no, I remember when we spoke a week or so back and I like the way that you use the analogy of putting your oxygen mask on first, right and you got to get your own house in order in order to be able to help others. Absolutely.

Speaker 4  24:39  

Yeah, I always like using that way of explaining things you need to put your own oxygen mask on. Before you can help others in the same way you sit on a plane they always say oh, you need to have your oxygen mask before you help. The kid next to you is exactly the same thing you need to have your house in order before Well, you can help anyone else. Otherwise, you're just doing yourself more harm, and potentially causing more friction within your inner self or putting more pressure on yourself, you know, runs within our tradition, you know, family values to help where we can. But I think it's more important to help yourself get to a position where you are financially secure and capable. And all that information, all the things that I've learned, is passing that on to family and even generations further down the line, you know, all of that. And, you know, I've been thinking around, we've got all the life covers in place. But actually, what does that mean to someone further down the line, you need to have clear instructions, clear values, and keep that momentum going, even when you're not there, I think is more and more important, but the oxygen mask is a perfect way of explaining that. Well, you're

Christian Rodwell  26:01  

certainly putting your house in order and Dre is you've got a firm foundation, you've got your roof in place, and you're building those pillars so that you will be generating not just one income stream, but multiple income streams. And it gives you choice, right? So you said you're working full time at the moment. So you're fitting all of this around a job as well. So for people that say, I don't have enough time, would you say that's an excuse, if you want it bad enough,

Speaker 4  26:25  

if it means so much to you, you will find that time, if you're able to go to the gym, I'm pretty sure you can try and find even 1015 minutes of your time in a day. And I think as you build your network, the time that you spend reduces as well, because you have others that are helping you out. From a time management perspective. The fact I've got a portfolio apparently now my professional landlord, in the eyes of the lenders, that comes also in terms of you know, making sure you have the team to manage the portfolio for you, because you don't want to be doing that full time. Because that's not what you want. I've also heard around people, when they hear what I've done and why they accomplish and how, how much I'm building it. Oh, you know, why don't you just as you would probably say, quit the rat race, that for me, I love going in into the office with the biggest smile every single day knowing that that one hour that I spent today in the morning to build my wealth is making me a lot more comfortable. I think it's just having security, especially with job cuts and the uncertainty of the economy, you need to have choice, you need to have options. And remember, my neighbour who's probably 90 Now is Touchwood. Still alive. I remember when I was around must have been about 1516 year old playing in the garden, he always used to say to me on dress, one piece of advice have multiple streams of income. And that was years ago. And that has stuck in my mind. And the fact that we have this programme within the wealth builders community and having those pillars in place and getting all the wheels, turning, I think that is a primary example in terms of making sure you have multiple streams of income, because you never know when one will be impacted, but at least you have security from the other pillars that will counteract the uncertainty. So that's probably my age kicking in and I'm not too old.

Christian Rodwell  28:35  

You've learned well and implement implemented, that's the most important thing. And I'd like to congratulate you on achieving security, although 50 pounds short. So perhaps we'll have to get you writing a book or something just to bump bump you up a little bit extra every month, Andres but well done amazing achievement. I look forward to podcast interview number three, when we'll be celebrating financial independence. But wait. Thanks, Sanjay. Thank you very much. Great stuff there. Congratulations to Andres. Once again, just love hearing those stories, Kevin, because we've seen the evolution haven't made that transition from when they joined, unsure of where to begin what steps to take. But if you follow the process, we know we've laid out the process in a roadmap, the recurring revenue roadmap and if our members follow that they will reach their targets.

Speaker 3  29:25  

Yes, it's a tried and tested process. And it works. Of course, it's sounds simple to have a roadmap and it's very simply laid out. But everybody follows it in their own unique style and way because they go off in different directions. They've got different learning styles. They got different ways they want to learn from people for example, you heard and they say well my my first ROI in regards to Titan split ROI being given relationship opportunity, or idea from A complete transformation, your wealth, so are being the relationship or being the opportunity. And I've been the idea. He had the idea, but he picked up the idea from property professional Simon zuji was a big friend of wealth builders, as we know, and then decided to use a sort of more of a DIY style of education. And that's perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with that. But I think when you couple that starting point, with a process, and you can hear, and what's always fascinating and rewarding for me, Chris, is when I hear members using the very, very language of wealth builders, you heard him talk about the 90 year old guy saying, Get multiple streams of income, okay, didn't capture that in, in words, and we got Kiyosaki saying it. And then we say with the seven pillars, and he's using the seven pillars, he's talking about turning the wheel, the process of education, support, connections, due diligence, community, all of those things. And because he's in a community, and he's been there since the outset, then he's getting the value of that. And you can hear that, because he also Shouts out to his coaches, and his Kataria, who's done a great job in the kind of overall wealth building, holding to that monthly cadence of a of a connection, discussing numbers. So you don't feel like you're on your own. Because sometimes when you talk to your family, as he said, 2 million queries show or you're not talking to people in work, right? Because you don't have in that conversation, people in work. So you need a community. In my view, wealth is best built inside the community than DIY. The dry can be a good place to start. And by the way, you're the in addition to that, and okay, I'll, I'll do a shout out to my own brother. Right, fair enough. Gary Whelan, who's been working with me for many years, a very trusted guy in his own right, and doing great work as far as the SAS is concerned. And we saw the power of bringing pension into play, that he wouldn't have imagined. That was possible. In fact, he even said he thought it was impossible. And people had said to him, Oh, no, you can't do that. Oh, no, you can't do that. And I think the same thing, and we talked at the very start about using AI, people will get into that position with AI as well, they'll start to look and go, Oh, no, it's too complicated. Oh, no, I can't use that and become fearful of it rather than embracing it. But we can see that if you're surrounded by like minded people in a positive and empowering environment, then you are going to be able to pick up the best lessons, rather than hear somebody say, oh, you can't do that. Or you shouldn't do that. And then you stop, right in your tracks. So I'm so grateful. He's using the right language, we've created the right environment. But he's participating full on inside the environment. And as a result, he's done some great work.

Christian Rodwell  32:58  

Absolutely. And you know, that is reflected in the roadmap that we talked about that first level of building confidence, Andreas talked about getting the foundations in place, and having the roof in place that gives you that peace of mind that security. So then move on to the second stage of building knowledge, which is deciding which is the right pillar for you what strategy within that pillar. And then where is your leverage coming from. And once you've then worked that out with the help of your coach with the help of others in the community, then stage three is building assets. And that's what takes time. And Andreas has just consistently taken small steps. And you talked about time at the end a one hour every morning. And I really loved when he said he walks into work with a smile on his face. And he's done his wealth hour and yeah,

Speaker 3  33:41  

yeah, that's, that's very powerful. There's more leverage of time in there. I want to pick up on because it was quite a fascinating thought when he said, Look, when we talk to people about building wealth, especially if someone is in a job, or even in a business where the business is consuming them, the thing that people always always tell us is they have a lack of time. And that lack of time can lead sometimes to a feeling of overwhelm. Now, how do you deal with a lack of time? Do one deal? That's the equivalent of six deals in which is what you said, How can I spend the same time and buy multiple units instead of one unit, and then just save his time he saved his money in legal fees is saved an incredible amount of waste that is needed. And in fact, even using a little known strategy of multiple dwelling relief. So if you buy six flats separately, you're going to pay stamp duty six times. You buy six flats in one go. You're paying stamp duty once on one flat, because the multiple dwelling really basically averages the value of the flat so say it's 250 for the sake of an argument. You're paying stamp duty on one flat got five flats stamp duty free, and your legal fees not going to be six times as much, because it's one freehold that you buy. So I think you have some incredible, easy lessons there for time poor people, is try and find a strategy that leverages that time. And that's a very powerful lesson. And we've got partners, we've never mentioned any of the partners, specifically all we mentioned, Simon, and Simon is a partner. In other words, a trusted person with whom we resonate, who are outstanding in their field. That's what I would say, as a partner, we've surrounded ourselves with a veritable cornucopia of choice of partners, from people like Simon to Rachael night in title, is somebody we've had on before, who teaches these things very specifically. So there isn't a strategy that I've heard of that we don't have a partner who can help accelerate the learning. And you can get the learning in three ways anyway. So it's worth mentioning that quiz. One is you can DIY it, you can read a book, if that's your style, you can pay for some education, obviously, wealth builders negotiate discount for education with our partners. And thirdly, you could actually do a participation with somebody else. So you could watch somebody else, or invest time or money with somebody else, even yourself, you could lend and learn. And then you can watch the process. So you see the education and the process come to life, rather than just see the education, but then you get caught out by the process. Because sometimes you don't know what you don't know, in the process, and you can miss something. So whatever way anybody wants to do, there's a pathway to follow that. And I think he's combined many of those things, but done a great job with these own leverage. And just think about all that value that was added. The SAS came into play, he bought six units negotiated the price, you know, considerable discount in the end, and also got the land and the guarantees. Before we get into it, how did you find it? Because the finding is the very starting point of wealth and property. We've talked about the seven apps before, certainly finding number one, then funding, then fixing them failing, let's say, for flipping, you know, if that's what you're gonna do, but he did all of those things, and found a way to accelerate all of them. So I think he's done a great job, and then you get a big boost on you to your wealth plan. And in fact, in some cases, one deal can make you independent, one deal. Yes, it takes time. And you heard him say it took six months, nine months, whatever period of time, it's been like giving birth to a baby, isn't it that gestation period, sometimes you have to do that. But we talk about planting seeds, whether it's investing in something, buying property, building a relationship with someone, joint venture partners, another lesson came out of that Chris, had a joint venture partner pulled out. Just as you need multiple streams of income, you need multiple streams of partners. So building relationships with people so that if their circumstances change, you're suddenly not left in the lurch. With all of this invested time, energy and money. Now great, the family came to help. And that's brilliant, and therefore he's serving his family as well. But what if the family hadn't have done that? There's probably a salutary lesson in there for him, which is to build a network of people. Now he knows how to do this, his expertise is growing. And I think you jokingly said, write a book for the extra 50 quid, but what he could do is look back to podcast 74, where we talk about being irresistible to investors. So if you're a property person right now, and you're building your story, like Andres is building his story, then listen to that podcast, and see if you can find a way that you can tell other people about your story. And as you grow, more people will follow you. And more people might likely invest with you, including people with sasses, and, and so on. So, Chris, you did a great job today and pull in a super case study with Andres, which sounds simple, but so many lessons. So

Christian Rodwell  39:21  

that is exactly the conversation we had after the recording. It was about that next step of starting to build up your profile now. So as we say, it's something that we know works, and we love teaching, and we love helping and we love sharing stories of the successes of our members. And we had glim Wilkinson just a couple of weeks ago sharing his story who joined us similar time, and will be sharing many more stories on our webinar, which is coming up on the third of October. So just another little reminder, if you haven't already registered for that, we'll be sharing those seven family wealth principles, which we highlighted on last week's episode. So if you didn't hear those, please do head back to Episode 210 are linked to that and shownotes and that's, you know, the foundations for wealth builders for families. And we'll be sharing all the details of what's involved in that and how you can become a founding member of this big new mission that we are on the date for that it's third of October, and the place to register wealth forward slash families launch.

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Chris, what about mentioning Spotify? Yes. So

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we had a couple of great milestones. This week, we broke through the 300,000 downloads, we just outside of the top 10 most listened to finance and business podcasts in the UK, above some really big names. So we're really happy to see that, of course, we normally read out reviews from Trustpilot. But people are leaving reviews for us on iTunes, because many people listen to the podcasts on iTunes. I'm going to hit there right now and just read out one from G force, who says Kevin Christian and his team have built a knowledgeable, open and supportive team that genuinely want you to succeed in building wealth. I have been a member for 14 months and have benefited greatly from the knowledge shared in these podcasts, the coaching, and the online learning, thank you for your efforts and the community you have built. So that's on iTunes. But then on Spotify, we're also building up our star ratings. So if you're Spotify listener, you're not able to actually write a review, but you are able to give us a star rating. So if you just search in the Spotify app, then head to the top there where you'll see the information about the podcast, and you should see a little star, and you can just click that. And then if you'd care to give us a rating, that would really help us because the more ratings we get, then the more the podcast will be shared to other people.

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Yeah, I mean, we you can tell, if you've been a regular listener, we just listened to this one, the amount of hours have gone in to try and share this with you. And of course, that's free of charge. And we want to continue to provide value, this is 211. And we're going to carry on going. So give us 11 seconds of your time. Just give us a review, whatever you think. And if you'd like to get to know us more, don't forget to reach out to us in any way that you care to through the website or through sending a hello at wealth builders dot code at UK, because we want to build the community and other people like Andreas bring great lessons to us and share those lessons. And who knows, you know, you want relationship opportunity or idea from a transformation and your wealth. And you could be an idea or a relationship for us. Because you might know somebody who would really want to share the family's mission. And we know there are many, many groups of people who we think will jump on board with wanting to help parents be great money role models for their kids and young adults as well because they're certainly not teaching this school and they're not going to anytime soon. So we're picking up the mantle Chris and looking forward to sharing that on the third of October,

Christian Rodwell  42:49  

slowly and there's no time like the present. So hit that share button right now. And we'll be catching up with you same time, same place next week.

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We weren't until then Chris sia

Speaker 1  43:02  

We hope you enjoy today's episode. Don't forget that we are constantly updating our resources inside the wealth builders membership site to help you create, build and protect your wealth. Head over to wealth right now for free access. That's wealth

Episode notes

In this captivating episode, we sit down with one of our Founding WealthBuilders Members, Andreas Loizou, to explore his remarkable title-splitting property deal.

Andreas shares the intricacies of how he discovered and navigated this deal, shedding light on his invaluable learning experiences after going through multiple challenges.

Andreas credits his Wealth Coach, Manish Kataria, and the WealthBuilders community for playing pivotal roles during this project, highlighting the guidance and camaraderie that have been instrumental in his success.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration, practical property advice, and a deeper understanding of the profound impact a supportive community and mentorship can have on your financial journey.

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