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A structured approach to understanding assets and building wealth.

Wealth is generated when a stream of capital or cash flow comes from assets that you own or control.

We've identified seven assets that individuals can choose from to start building their wealth. We refer to these groups of assets as ‘The 7 Pillars of Wealth’. All the pillars can be used to help you build your wealth, and the more pillars you have in place, the more resilient you will be to any economic turbulence.

7 pillars of wealth diagram

Identify the best-performing assets for you

Multiple streams of monthly recurring income

Create diversification and more security

In this video, our founder, Kevin Whelan, explains the seven and only seven assets that you can use to build a predictable flow of recurring income into your life every month.

The 7 Pillars...

Home Capacity

Your home typically costs money, rather than putting money into your pocket. But your home does have the capacity to generate recurring income for you.


In order to make your pension a real asset, you need to change its use and reconnect with it, and there are many ways to do that.


Enhance your current investments by driving down the cost, reducing your risk, and moving into places where you can increase your ROI.

Property Portfolio

The easiest and most popular of the entrepreneurial pillars to replicate, it is also one of the most accessible ways of generating recurring income.


Business gives you the greatest scope to create value. A business that has a high degree of recurring income provides predictability for you as the owner.

Intellectual Property

IP is the creation and capitalisation of a royalty income stream from the intelligent use and packaging of knowledge and skills, such as books and training.

Joint Ventures

Connecting with others can take your wealth to the next level, creating new income streams while at the same time helping someone else.
  • Not sure how to begin?
  • Too much conflicting information online?
  • Fear of making mistakes?
Let's have a chat about which Pillars could work best for you
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Identify your strongest pillars

Each of the seven pillars can be used to help you build more wealth. Leverage existing assets and build new ones. We will show you how to choose which ones are going to be best suited for you.
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Choose the right strategy

Within each pillar or asset class are a multitude of different strategies. This is where overwhelm can kick in. Our experts are on hand to help you decide which offers the greatest opportunity for success.
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Build recurring income

We focus on helping you to generate predictable recurring income from assets - money you can spend to enjoy your life, safe in the knowledge that it will be replenished month after month.

Feel confident about your future.

Wealth comes from the ownership and/or control of assets. At WealthBuilders, we know how to make it possible for anyone to become completely financially independent. If you want a crystal clear and predictable roadmap to help you build your wealth and create multiple streams of income, look no further.

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