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SSAS pension support to help you increase your returns and legacy.

A membership programme for SSAS pension owners no matter who you have chosen your professional trustee to be.
Join our SSAS Community Membership for just £45+vat/month.

Live Monthly Mastermind & Case Studies

SSAS Strategy
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SSAS Community

Building a secure, diverse and high-returning strategy for your SSAS isn’t easy on your own.

Nearly all existing trustees we meet tell us that one or more of these five things hold them back from realising the full potential of their SSAS:

  • I don’t have a clear plan which means that I’m not getting the most out of my SSAS
  • I struggle to find somebody trusted and experienced to discuss my strategy and plans with
  • I'm not fully confident on how to conduct proper due diligence to keep myself safe
  • The service I'm getting from my current professional trustee is reactive not proactive
  • I'm unaware of all the strategies I can use with my SSAS

" From the first phone enquiry phone call their support to me has been targeted, thorough and professional. 18 months after hearing about SSAS for the first time, I now have mine set up and a clear strategy as to how to make the best of it. Both Kevin and Paul have worked hard to guide me on the journey, avoid pitfalls and ensure they understand what I am trying to achieve. An impressive outfit. "

Michael Watson

Become a confident, compliant and connected Trustee

We know that as a SSAS Trustee it can be harder to get your money safely deployed than you first thought.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way.

We can help you deploy your money safely and faster and show you how to accelerate your property portfolio or business.  As a result, you’ll enjoy the journey, increase your SSAS returns and build a legacy to be proud of.

Plans & Pricing

A membership programme for SSAS pension owners no matter who you have chosen your professional trustee to be. No minimum contract.
  • Unique Suite of Video Training Modules
  • Online Mastermind & Case Study Sessions
  • Private Online SSAS Community
  • Constantly Updated Online Q&A Library
  • Free SSAS Pensions Book [PDF]

SSAS Community Membership

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£45/month +vat

" Kevin provided me with some key bits of information during a couple of phone calls regarding a SSAS in relation to my Father's pension, which resulted in us taking control of my Fathers pension and ultimately, his retirement, which I will be forever grateful for. He now has a virtually perpetual income and an asset that is growing in value every year! "

Sam Cooper

Access to recordings of SSAS conferences and masterminds from trustees and experts

  • Due diligence

  • Commercial to residential

  • Saving £100k using loanback

  • Fundraising best practices

  • Be your own bank

  • SSAS cash management

  • The SDLT pensions issue

  • Reinventing the high street

  • Supported Living

  • Social housing

  • The power of capital allowances


    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    For how long can I access the programme?
    As soon as you register, you'll be granted access to the private members area and our SSAS Hub containing all of the training modules. Not all of the modules will be accessible immediately, as we want to guide you through the early steps as soon as we can, ensuring your focus is kept on that task initially. You will have access to the full training, all recordings and materials plus the private online community for as long as your membership remains active. Your membership is on a monthly recurring basis and you will have access to the materials for as long as you're a live member. You can cancel this ongoing subscription at any time. Upon cancelling your membership, your access to resources, training and community will be restricted. You can rejoin again in the future to regain access should you decide to.
    If I can't make one of the live monthly coaching calls or webinars, will I miss out on any of the training?
    No, you won't miss out. All of the group coaching calls and guest webinars will be recorded and uploaded inside of the members area. You can catch-up on all of these whenever and wherever you like. We also make the audio recordings of these available for you to download and listen 'on the go'.
    Do WealthBuilders offer investments?
    In a world where it is very easy to get paid by selling somebody’s investments, we are proud to be impartial. We will never sell you investments packaged by anyone. We do not provide our own investments either. Our role is exclusively as your SSAS guide and we don’t believe we can do that in a holistic and transparent way if we are trying to sell you investments. We are completely agnostic to all SSAS strategies and will help you think through the pros and cons of anything you wish to consider with the same vigour and diligence, to ensure you get the best and safest outcome.
    I'm completely new to SSAS pension, will this work for me?
    Absolutely! No matter how much exposure to SSAS you’ve had to this point, we will support and teach you the steps that you need to take to be successful. If you are more experienced with SSAS but just haven’t taken the first step, our process will work just as effectively for you too. No matter what stage of the journey you are at, you can try the programme for 60 days completely risk-free and decide for yourself whether the programme is suitable for you, or not.
    Will WealthBuilders give me financial advice?
    We are NOT financial advisors or regulated to give advice. We provide holistic, impartial and focused guidance and support for all things SSAS related. You will not be ‘recommended’ to have a SSAS, or for any particular strategy or investment, but we will help you plan and think through the pros, cons and benefits of any decision using our many years of experience. We are huge believers in the importance of taking advice – be that financial, tax or legal – and have a large number of expert Partners in all these key areas and more, to ensure we can help you take the right advice for your circumstances.
    Are WealthBuilders my Trustee Administrator?
    WealthBuilders are NOT a Scheme Administrator/Trustee. We don’t have direct access to your SSAS records or scheme bank account and so your money and investments will never be available to us. We will never ask for or accept transfers of pensions or contributions, nor will be liaise with your current pension providers. All of these things are dealt with by a professional Scheme Administrator and sometimes an IFA. We have partnered with the best independent SSAS Administrator/Trustees to offer this, and in many cases we’ve agreed something unique and special for our members only. You should never give access to your SSAS bank account or investments to anyone who is not your appointed Scheme Administrator/Trustee or IFA. Professionals that you choose – such as tax or legal advisors – can interact with your SSAS, but would not have access to your SSAS money or investments.

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