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WealthBuilders New Membership Launch

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Speaker 1 0:01
The purpose of wealth talk is to educate, inform, and hopefully entertain you on the subject of building your wealth. Wealth builders recommends you should always take independent financial tax or legal advice before making any decisions around your finances.

Christian Rodwell 0:19
Welcome to Episode 227 of wealth talk. My name is Christian Rodwell, the membership director of wealth builders joined today by our founder, Mr. Kevin Whelan. Hello, Kevin.

Unknown Speaker 0:27
Hey, Chris. Good to be with you. Again. exciting week. Yeah,

Christian Rodwell 0:30
it has been a great week, hasn't it? We've been launching our brand new membership. And we did a webinar last night. It was fantastic. We had loads and loads of questions, people really excited to see what changes we've made for 2024. So today, we thought we talked about this a little bit more on the podcast as well, for all of our listeners.

Speaker 2 0:48
Yeah, really important that we are pragmatic, when it comes to current economic circumstances, you know, we're in always in a place, if you look around, I mean, one would argue we've never been in a more vulnerable place in society, really, the economic system is falling apart, you know, we've got an election coming up we got was pretty much everywhere we got cost living crisis, taxes still high as ever getting higher. The argument is some of the taxes could be going up and up and up. So, you know, to pay for so many of these threats to bolster up our defence Bill, you know, so we're in uncertain times. So what we wanted to do was our best to be pragmatic and to help people really focus on easier things. In particular, the big difference between income, security and income, independence from a point of view of financial long term outcome. So I'm sure you'll touch on that, Chris.

Christian Rodwell 1:46
Absolutely. And I'll just remind listeners, that last week, we walked through the brand new updated wheel of wealth and the wheel of wealth is a really great tool that can help you take action, right, so the important steps to turn the wheel to generate additional streams of recurring income. But as with many things in life, Kevin, you can take the information and DIY itself. And that's okay in some circumstances, or you might choose to work with someone who has already walked the path that you want to walk and have that guidance. And so today, we're going to expand a little bit more on how we do that on a day to day basis with our members.

Speaker 2 2:22
Yeah, look, I understand that I've just said times difficult. People want to save money, I really do get that. We're not saying that wealth builders is right for everyone. It's not a sales pitch here. What I am saying is the wheel of wealth, if you download that, and use that as a frame of reference, you can help yourself, be aware of the sequential paths that you can take as you start to think about the wealthy you're planning to build. And many people have already started their wealth building journey, and we're pleased for them. However, equally many have not many have stalled, many have run out of money before they've run out of ambition. And as a result, they need some help. And I believe, actually, I've said this many times before, Chris, almost a standard line. Now I'm using, because it's so embedded in my DNA, that I believe that working inside the community, working with guidance is more appropriate. It's faster, safer, more enjoyable if you do that. And if you try and do everything on a DIY basis, and never trusting anyone, and feeling that the only path is the path you tread on your own, with no shortcuts of any kind. And I've done that I honestly have done that. That was how I build my wealth that took me 15 years to do it. I now believe we can teach people to do it in five years to be independent, and certainly two to three years to be financially secure. I would encourage those people who are looking for that help, you can't just copy the roadmap we have because there are too many steps in there that demand a greater level of knowledge and a greater level of involvement. But you can if you already got a plan use the wheel of wealth to be your kind of guardian angel, particularly on the due diligence side to keep you safe because said it's an unsafe world out there. Be safe. Absolutely.

Christian Rodwell 4:13
We've been sharing stories for the last three four years on the podcast, Kevin of those that are followed the process and everyone who follows the process does make it it might take a little bit longer for some shorter for others, but if you follow the steps you will get there. Yeah,

Speaker 2 4:27
as a as another person I respect. Dan Hill says you know, success and failure are entirely predictable. And it's true in wealth if you follow the steps and that's the other big change we've decided to make is make the steps smaller and easier to take rather than bigger and more adventurous. So getting one small step one small action, but the right action every month will move you towards where you want to get to and the compounding impact on that is huge. So you know happy that we share a little bit more about the The Roadmap don't want to go into all the details, Chris, because that's too much a thing. But if we give people a note or an overview and outline, that would be great. Yeah,

Christian Rodwell 5:08
absolutely. And you can head to the wealth builders website now go to wealth, forward slash membership, you can have a look there at the pricing options and understand how you can get involved and simple as a monthly subscription. Now, Kevin, so people can, you know, really just jump in, at the level that's right for them. But the overall roadmap is important, because you know, no matter where you are, we know how to help move you to the next financial target that you're seeking.

Speaker 2 5:32
Yeah, I mean, that's a good point, Chris. And the decision that we made, was to remove as many barriers as we could. Because here's the two people who involved themselves with wealth builders, there was always an annual upfront cost, we've removed that, we've made three different levels entirely accessible from, you know, as low as 49 pounds a month, you know, so you can get involved and you can start to build your wealth. And what I've tried to do so almost like, another piece of fun language I've introduced, which is that a triple A offering, isn't it, like a triple A rating, you know, affordable, accessible, and we've designed it to be an absolute no brainer, we've taken all the risk away. Anything you want to do building your wealth, you can cancel at any time. And we're just so passionate about making this accessible to people. And of course, making sure we've added the families content, the content that helps people build wealth for their families, be more focused on the appgeneration. That down generation, in particular, how to be a great money role model for you children, which we know is we've got hundreds of families already in there to whatever it is 29 pounds a month, if I remember, that's just free now. So it's included. So I don't think we can do any more. So I certainly don't want to turn this into a sales fest. Christina, we don't like cheese too much. Do we have too much cheese? In what we do? So why don't we just tell people the steps? And if there are some DIYs out there who want to copy the steps, knock yourself out? Otherwise, you know, this is good intellectual property? And I hope you enjoy the share. And think well, wow, yeah, because it's one of the biggest things that hold people back from really building wealth is not having a plan that they can follow. They kind of get Bagatelles, you know, being bound from one thing to the other, never really knowing what's the right thing for their unique set of circumstances. But we can spot that because, you know, we have that as a specific step in the process. So anyway, what do you want to share? Chris?

Christian Rodwell 7:38
Well, we've been talking for the last couple of years, we talked about our roadmap, and we've previously called the roadmap, the recurring revenue roadmap. And that was a nine step roadmap and and we've updated we spent a lot of time doing we looking at this, Kevin and saying, How can this become even more all encompassing, really bringing the families content into it, even bringing elements of more of the pensions and SAS side. So there's one roadmap, which is really the A to B of how to move towards financial security, and then on to financial independence. So we're going to talk through now the family wealth roadmap, and this is proven step by step process to help you achieve financial security within two to three years. So let's just start there, Kevin, and just define financial security for anyone who's not exactly sure what we mean by that.

Speaker 2 8:20
Yeah, it's an interesting word, the word security, what we mean is the two elements to this, first of all, recurring income or income flowing from the ownership of assets is the starting point. So what's the difference between the two, and we've covered this hundreds of times before. So we know we want to own something that puts money into our life, that money continues to flow, even when we're asleep. And then we can pass that money on to our family, which is the essence of all of this. You don't have to show up, but the money continues to show up. What we're looking to do is create streams of that. But what's the level of that? Because it all sounds all? Well, that's what was this, you know, too complicated, too difficult is the gap between where I want to be now to where I am now to where I want to be too big. So we tried to make that simple by saying, start by getting the difference, making it clear, you're aware of the difference. And then imagine, what you want to do is just live a life that all your bills paid for. Right? Don't have to measure them exactly, but approximately, and once you've measured that, and if you imagine assets we're paying for all of the all that light, utilities, your car, your your travel, whatever that you do in a typical year, not an exciting year, not the best world that you'd ever want. Because that's where you upgrade that thought to financial independence, which is a life without compromise financial securities, what I've called often Chris to lock down lifestyle, the lifestyle that you didn't do an awful lot, but everything was okay. So if everything is okay, what's that number? Once you've got that in Number, then is how do you then create by taking small incremental steps of 100 pounds 200 pounds each month to start in recurring income to start moving the needle, moving the thermometer, whatever analogy works best for you, to get you to that point. And we think, for most people who take one, right action each month, not just any action, like read a book is action, not knowledge. Once you follow that up, and you take actions, you should be able to get there within two, at the latest three years, to get to income security, that's the thing. So income security then means you're in a place where your bills are paid. And if you wanted to, you could spend more time to diversify and create more wheel turns, remember, from last week, more turns of the will to generate that gap between then the security and independence. So the principle then is to focus your way to security, and then diversify your way into building lasting wealth. And once you get there, it's a whole new ballgame, about legacy about abundance, and so on. But the starting point is, can you imagine, you could get a security by the end of 2026, or latest 2027. And if you're willing to get involved, then we can help you shortcut that, and help you achieve that. And I think that's just a wonderful thing, if you considered that. And if you're not already on that journey, if you could get there within two or three years, and then you knew that the success of getting to independence was just as predictable as that. And you knew you're going to be set for life within four to five years. Wouldn't you rather do that in four to five years than trust the pension might do it in 40 years, or 30 years? You know, there's just so many risks associated with the traditional way of doing that. We want to bring that date forward for you, and bring that date. So you're confidently able to rely on assets, giving you an income, not just for you, but income that will pass on to the next generation. So it lasts way, way, way beyond you. Sure question you asked Chris. But sorry about the length of the answer. But it's important

Christian Rodwell 12:22
to me, now, it was a good one, thank you and use the word there, which I was just going to pick up on, which was confidence, which is a word we hear often in our members vocabulary, when they're talking about how they're feeling a year, perhaps two years into the journey of building their wealth, because the confidence comes, doesn't it. And that, as you say, then helps in all manners almost like a ripple effect, then you know, they're confident in building new connections, they're confident in going out and perhaps doing a deal that slightly, you know, feels a bit scary for them. So within a year or two, we see a real transformation in the way people are.

Speaker 2 12:56
Well, that's a good point, Chris, you know, you've we've talked about language already. And transformative is definitely one of the key language points, I'd make that it's difficult to see yourself transforming because you don't because you're in a comfort zone. So you don't always see the transformation that's taking place because it's taking place within you. We see it and we note it and we see it happen all the time. And the benefit of that transformation is every time you you the whole point about transformation as you're going through stages. So the first stage is just to commit, right? Can I take one small action every month, could you do that, then commit to that second stage is then turning up and doing that right thing. And then of you've as you start to follow that and see that there's the wheel of wealth comes into play, you've got the education, you've got support, you've got the community, you've got connections, you've got your diligence, and so on. You're seeing that confidently just working, then when you push against another comfort zone, which is inevitably where people get stuck, right, and nothing grows inside that they get another comfort zone crisis that I was at that point before. And I just reached out and got help. Which is why you can't DIY this. Because as soon as you want to grow, you can't grow enough, just by doing things on your own. You need external expertise, and help to be able to teach you things that you don't yet know. And it would take too long for you to master which is why it took me 15 years, not five. And that's why I'm encouraging people to get involved and trust somebody solely though, and if you're not happy and if you trust us and it doesn't work, you can stop gone you and you haven't lost anything in terms of a long term commitment. So now I think it's a good point you make Chris about the language of transformation. And we see that transformation and confidence and we see the acceleration also, as people start to do things and it takes a while because it's planting seeds. But after a while the you know The whole thing flourishes and, and then you've got different seeds that are maturing at different points. So you're getting kind of pop pop pop of different income streams coming into your life. And that's the important.

Christian Rodwell 15:10
And if listening now and thinking, Oh, this all sounds like quite a lot of stuff that I need to be doing, let's just address this Kevin and really explained, like, what actually happens, you know, if you decide, okay, like to work with wealth builders, and really get access to our training, and that's access to that you can go anytime. So if you have half an hour in the morning, lunchtime weekends, you go through that at your own pace, and that will walk you through, obviously, all of the steps that we're talking through here. And then the accountability, which comes from the community, so having access to our online community of other like minded members. But also if you choose to work with a coach, then you have that accountability every month, where actually you'll sit down on a zoom call, and they'll get to know you really build the relationship there and say, okay, but have you got on with that, that we talked about 30 days ago? And where are you getting stuck, and knowing that you've got that coaching call coming up, Kevin, and really helps you actually just keep moving forward. And

Speaker 2 16:03
we hear the coaches getting consistently nine, nine and a half out of 10, you know, when the feedback comes afterwards. And you know, it's really important, because I know how live can derail us. And then when we get into derailment, we get into drifting again. Because we've lost the rails, we've lost the tracks, we've lost the roadmap. So we want to get people back on the roadmap. So talk about the roadmap, Chris, is there any visuals we can let people have?

Christian Rodwell 16:29
Well, I can bring up the roadmap. I know a lot of people listening on the earbuds as audio podcasts, but some of you would be tuning in on video. And you can also see the video of this episode, if you go to wealth forward slash two to seven. I've put the roadmap on screen here. So you can see here the nine steps in their entirety. And one of the new steps that we've created Kevin, we launched this just for Christmas is income Maximizer at step two, because sometimes people feel they can't get started because they simply don't have enough spare cash or don't have enough funds. So we've kind of dispelled that myth, because there are loads and loads of ways that you can start to generate quick cash flow. Now, this isn't necessarily asset income, which is the you know, we're talking from the pillars, but it's ways to generate income net income fast. Yes.

Speaker 2 17:19
And that was a specific step we took to try and give anybody the option to say, Hey, that's not that difficult actually, to think about ways that not just we think, but other people are doing to add another 100 pounds, 200 pounds, 300 pounds a month or even more to your net income, which therefore you're getting an instant adrenaline or a dopamine hit of wow, yeah, this works, I can see I'm making money. So if you're making money, you can either invest that in education, or plant some seeds in the stock market or in any other asset that's important to you. Or just as importantly, take care of your roof because which is where the step of building a watertight position for you and your family is really important. Because as you build wealth, support to protect what you've already got, and we take care of that. And step three, which is the frame where the roof is an important ingredient to that.

Christian Rodwell 18:17
Yes, one of the things we hear really often Kevin is from our members who say, I've been meaning to get my work done for the last two years, but I just haven't got round to it. And that's one of the things that we make sure you get done as quickly as possible. And again, gives you that confidence gives you that peace of mind once you know that that's in place. But

Speaker 2 18:34
peace of mind is, is one of those benefits that's often undervalued. Really, I mean, when you think that, in the end, I think we've all got things that are weighing on us, like a CA, CH e you not and you're not cash as in money in the bank. But we've got our own level of personal cash. And when we've got lots of things on done, I think it seeps into that. We get so many things that are undone, not done. And therefore it stops us from doing some really easy things. So getting the roof done to at least the basic level just just watertight, is all we need to do. So we're only to labour the point. But it's a really valuable benefit. That we know, everyone says that peace of mind just frees them to be able to then focus the rest of their time on building their wealth and protecting the family in a more positive and more financial way. Because the roofs take care of.

Christian Rodwell 19:28
Absolutely. And ultimately what we're helping you do here is just get clear on what's the right plan for you. Because there's lots of different ways that someone can build their wealth and think of two people who are very successful Kevin, Richard Branson and Warren Buffett. But their styles are very different, aren't they? You know, if Warren Buffett tried to follow the crazy, eccentric way of Richard Branson and doing loads of PR stunts and constantly building new businesses and doing things like that, then that path probably wouldn't work for him and vice versa of Branson How to Do the slow and steady route of Buffett? Well,

Speaker 2 20:02
that's true. But you know, everyone finds their own way of decision making learning styles and so on. And we can identify that with the tools that we use. When you combine your decision making style with what assets you currently already have in your life, which is the part of the stocktake we do on there, then it helps almost by the use of a matrix, create the right solution for you. So you don't get sidetracked by anything, you read anything, you listen to anything you see, you know, we're gonna get interrupted all the time, aren't we with new ideas, you get to focus on the things that are much more likely to be appropriate for you right now, until you then move forward. And then once you start turning wheels, you're going to do more things anyway, it's just getting started is often the real challenge. Absolutely.

Christian Rodwell 20:51
And when it comes to the pillars, which really sits at the heart of our roadmap is the Seven Pillars of Wealth. That's the step we call assets. And it's about identifying the right pillar for you, or primary secondary pillar. And then when you've decided that to obviously get the education and we provide that education, every week, we're doing live sessions in property, investments, IP across all of those seven pillars, Kevin, so someone, if they're not sure can jump into a few to kind of understand them, and then perhaps help them choose. But if you know that perhaps property or business is the way you want to go, then you can cherry pick and just hone in on those sessions that we provide

Speaker 2 21:30
and support. And that we suggest, depending on your time bandwidth, which is one of the leverage points we make, as well, just looking at how much time you've got. And we're serious about if you can do one main thing, one consistent action, then if you've got one primary pillar, you know, something you're working on, as your primary modus operandi, the primary gear you're turning, if you've got time or the second one, because that gives you a balance, it gives you an alternative way of doing something. And it also means that the cycle of the returns, you know, the seed that you plant in one thing will be slower or faster than another. So the more that you can get consistent, as I said earlier on the fruit coming at different timeframes, because sometimes different assets, you're waiting for something to happen. So you might as well be doing something else as well. So we're normally looking to suggest having two pillars at the same time, if you bandwidth the last.

Christian Rodwell 22:27
So we won't go into every step. I think we've given a good overview. Kevin, hopefully, for someone who feels perhaps now's the time, you know, we're at the start of a new year. And if you really set your sights on a clear action plan, as we said, within the next two years, 24 months, you could well find yourself well on your way, if not already at financial security and how would that change your life? How would you feel how would it impact your family and your freedom and all of those things, which we know are important for our members to achieve? Okay, so if you'd like to watch the video to see the roadmap, then do head over to wealth forward slash two to seven. And if you'd like to have a look at our membership offerings, go and take a look see if there's something that feels right for you. So head to wealth forward slash membership to find out more details right there. All right. Well, thanks for tuning in. And we hope you enjoyed this episode. Kevin, you and I will be back Same time, same place next week.

Unknown Speaker 23:24
We will indeed my friend and until then.

Speaker 1 23:30
We hope you enjoy today's episode. Don't forget that we are constantly updating our resources inside the wealth builders membership site to help you create, build and protect your wealth. Head over to wealth right now for free access. That's wealth

Episode notes

This week, WealthTalk hosts Kevin Whelan and Christian Rodwell discuss the launch of WealthBuilders' new membership options. 

In the episode, they share the steps in the Roadmap and how you can use the tool to go from financial insecurity to security within 2-3 years and then push on to financial independence. 

They also discuss the importance of small consistent steps when building wealth and share examples of members who have followed our proven step-by-step process to build a fantastic legacy.

The brand-new WealthBuilders membership options have been made to be three things; more accessible, more affordable and an absolute no-brainer!

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