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Member Story: First Steps Into Business, Rachel Bunney

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The purpose of wealth talk is to educate, inform, and hopefully entertain you on the subject of building your wealth. Wealth builders recommends you should always take independent financial tax or legal advice before making any decisions around your finances.

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Welcome to Episode 201 of wealth talk. My name is Christian Rodwell, the membership director of wealth builders joined today by our founder, Mr. Kevin Whelan. Hello, Kevin. Hello, Chris. Good to be with you again. All right, here we go again. 201. So, member spotlight week this week, and really good actually to focus on Rachel bunnies story today. And Rachel joined the wealth builders Academy with her husband, Mark in August 2022. And still early days, but doing great work, actually, four of the seven pillars in play, as we'll hear today. And Rachel has built a business which is a membership business, and we love membership is this because recurring income Kevin, I'm sure you'll touch on the importance of recurring income for any business owner. But more so I think because she's still in that first early stage of building up a first few customers, which, you know, is often overlooked Kevin, I think because that's the hardest part right is to get that confidence just to get going. And then to see your first income from your first paying customer is something that obviously you can't really beat. It's an interesting one, it's, it's almost like overcoming gravity, you know, so the power that's needed to push out of Earth's gravity is huge compared to the power needed, once you're out of it. And this is ever true with business owners as well, the amount of energy to get things started and just to not just not just in the energy of what you need to do to construct that, but but your mindset. And you can hear a little tinge of doubt. And as often there is with business owners, when they get started with people, we had this weird and elaborate them, we will people really pay me for this. And you know, you've got to overcome that imposter syndrome. And that's, that's often difficult when you've been doing something for a long time. And you're really good at it, it becomes so natural. You don't realise how good you are and how much value you can bring whatever your niche is whatever that opportunity is for you. So an interesting one this one. Yes, indeed. So, we will hear from Rachel and she'll share her experience of her first 12 months or so in business. And and then we'll be back to debrief afterwards. So let's head on over to our conversation with Rachel bunny.

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Rachel, welcome to wealth talk today. How are you? Hi, I'm good. Thank you. Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure. And you joined wealth builders. And almost a year ago now it was I think August 2022. And you joined with your husband, Mark? And how have you found your first 10 or 11 months so far? Oh, wow. It's

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probably was a year already. But yeah, it's been really good. It's, it's, it's, we've learned so much. I think the turbo marks definitely sort of taken a real front seat of learning a lot of the content within wealth builders and everything else. But that we joined really with a starting point to, I think the main thing really was to have the coach that was like a real selling point for us. So having a coach for me in the business side of things.

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But then yeah, has sort of developed them. Marks kind of been looking at lots of different avenues of things we can tap into to change how we do everything. In our normal life. So So yeah, today is actually having a little chat with someone who we've met through wealth builders, which is really exciting. So hopefully that will lead to a few

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changes happening to religion. Yeah, well, it's all about connections and community. And we should give a nod to your wealth coach, John Dale, because it was actually John, who got in touch with me and said, I think you need to have a chat with Rachel because she's doing some really, really good stuff, and hence why we're here today. So, So John's been very supportive. Oh, thank you, John. Yeah, he's, he's the reason I launched the membership, actually. So Well, I was it was in the cars anyway. But he gave me that gentle, friendly pushed to launch. So. So yeah, thank you, John.

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And, and, and that's why I'm really looking forward to speaking with you today, Rachel, because I think it's almost as important to get your first customer as it is to be making, you know, hundreds of 1000s Because at the beginning, everything feels harder, right? Because you're learning something new. You haven't got the confidence built up yet. And you're testing things. And so to get your first customer is amazing, right? Someone who pays you some money, and then to get your first 10 customers is amazing. Those small milestones, they're small wins. And this is all kind of the what you've been doing over the last couple years or last 12 months even. And I think

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really inspiring for people listening because it's really easy on social media to just constantly see people really overachieving, and you know, sharing all these massive, massive amounts of revenue and successes. But for most people, they're not there, right? Most people are in the trenches, just trying to get something to work. And, and that's why I think today's lessons that you'll be sharing will be really valuable. So, so thanks again for doing that. So, before we get into what you've been doing with your membership programme, Rachel, let's let's kind of look back at what were you doing before he joined wealth builders, were you in work? And, you know, what did your sort of working week look like? So

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in March 2020, I, we had our first daughter, Grace.

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And before that, I was working for a sewing machine company, full time travelling around the country visiting,

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had about 50 independent sewing machine accounts to look after. So as an account manager,

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and a product specialist, as well, for the sewn side of things, so I would

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train the accounts up on the sewing machines, and also their customers, embroidery machines, as well, and that kind of thing. And then when I had my daughter, obviously, with it being in March 2020, everything changed in the world, as well as in our world. So it, it really kind of drilled home that things needed to change. And I couldn't go back to doing the kind of work that I was doing previously, in that kind of capacity. So

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so it was really hard decision to make to to leave because I did love my job. And I built up all this knowledge working there for 10 years and everything else and lots of contacts and thinking. So it was it was quite a sad time, actually, because it was it was a really tricky decision. But I knew I had to put family first. And and it was using that network of people that are built up over the years through working in with the sewing machine company that got me into doing what I do now, really, because they said, Oh, can you come and do a bit of work with us? Can you do a bit of work with us or so and so needs some training. So ended up starting off with one to one training and working at shows that I used to work at anyway. But that all the other stuff in the background, and I could just turn up, do the nice bit and then go home again, which is really nice.

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And then it kind of grew from there, really. So more people found me I started the doing Instagram properly. Well, in my way, please, as I could set up my own website.

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And yeah, I started promoting myself, which was, again, another scary step, because I spent so long sort of hiding behind the brands that I worked for, and not really wanting to, to put me out there. So it was that was quite a big step as well.

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So yeah, and then it's grown from there. Yeah. So at that point, when you started to really think about your your brand, right and start putting together the the content and the assets and the websites and stuff. Was your intention then to still attract one to one clients? Or was the intention to actually build this into a membership programme at that stage? Yeah, so I think at the time, when I first started, I had two kinds of arms to the business in my head, I had

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the one to one stuff online and in person

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thinking that it would be lovely to kind of do some kind of semi passive thing, but not really knowing where to go what to do or even how to do it. And then the other side of it was to do embroidery commissions, which I've kind of knocked on the head, I still do a bit of bespoke one off stuff that's a little bit specialist, but not the kind of personalising everything in the same way kind of kind of thing. So. So I've definitely kind of moved more to the tuition side of things, which is nice. And then the idea for the membership and the

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another form of income stream came came in as well. So yeah.

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What kind of education did you have in terms of kind of learning how to how to do this, how to set up a website and you know, what you should be doing to build a membership programme we've read in books, watching videos, anyone in particular that you followed? Yeah, I mean, to be honest with you. There's one key lady called Lisa Johnson, who I joined her one too many course. And that really kind of gave me a lot of the foundations to be able to launch confidently. I think I said that quite loosely because I'm still not 100% Confident in everything I'm doing but I think just having it in doing it in the right ways and having those things in place before you kind of launch and helping you along the way.

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Also, I did a course with a charity locally.

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called successful mums. So they really helped me to get the business off the ground kind of thing. They gave me that that first initial push. So I'd say them and Lisa Johnson as well. really gave me the kind of foundations to grow from. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Which, which, you know, wealth builders, that kind of three, you know, foundational elements or education support connection. And, you know, it doesn't all doesn't have to come from wealth builders necessarily, right? It's like, you have to find some education and good education from somewhere, and you need good support. And then of course, connections, which you're building as you go. So, so yeah, you know, three key elements there. Absolutely. Okay, so. So what was the name that you came up with for your membership programme, Rachel. So it's not very inventive. But it's, it's the building and thread embroidery club. So I just want I didn't want it to be like, it's a membership. It's a subscription, even though obviously, that is what it is, I wanted it to be like a club. So that people can kind of meet other people, other like minded people that use embroidery machines. So it's quite niche.

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And it does sort of stick to Not intentionally, but stick to a brand of embroidery machine as well, which is Brother Brother embroidery machines.

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But I've realised one of the learns, actually is that niche is good.

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Because it really kind of fine tunes people to find you. So So yeah, that's the that's the name of the club. Okay. And you said is, you know, for the hobbyist embroider, and people who perhaps have had a machine sat there, either they've not really used it, they don't know exactly how to get the most out of it. And to do that, yeah, definitely. So I think we all well, I mean, it feels normal to me, but I've also sort of a real increase in sales of sewing machines and embroidery machines through the pandemic. And a lot of those people have just left them in the box, or they're scared of them. They've invested a lot of money in this technology. And then they don't know anyone else that does it. Or they don't have a shop locally, where they can kind of go back to to for help or anything else. So. So yeah, to be able to offer that kind of service, is what I'm all about. Yeah. And can you kind of take yourself back to that point where you were setting that up? Like, in your, in your mind? Did you have any kind of goal Did you secretly think, wow, you know, what if I could get like 100 or 1000 members here? I mean, yeah, I mean, when I was doing the Lisa Johnson course, it was very, like big numbers. And I was just thinking, Oh, that's, that's amazing. Like, I'd love to be able to do that. But I think for me, it was looking at right okay, I've already got the one to one stuff coming in, I've got some emerging Commission's coming in. So what would be a realistic kind of goal for me to set myself I don't like to go to I kinda like to go good, better best, so that I can still keep aiming for higher, but be happy if I just got the good kind of thing. So. So yeah, my good target for the first month. So I did, I guess you kind of call it a soft launch. And so I just put it out there to my followers into my ad free Facebook group as well, that I'd set up and

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sort of break coming into the, into the Facebook groups as well, and my mailing list. So just kind of put it out there. And then I My target was 10 members, and which would, which was 15 pound a month at that first month. So that's my target. And then by I think it was even like within two weeks, I've got 27 people signed up. I was I was blown away. Okay, getting alerts on my phone, because the websites is so I use it sort of sends me a little alerts. And I was just another one. I've got another one. So, like you said before, is that first customer you think this is actually happening? It's working and people aren't just they're seeing it? And it's real. It's yeah, it was it was really exciting. Ya know, it's magical, isn't it? Well, it's just like, pitching, pitching pitching. Yeah. And you know, of course, it's real people here. And you know, it's not it's not just the money, but of course, we're building a business, then, you know, sales is part of that. And when when was this when when exactly did you do the launch? Rachel? It was? March. Yeah. So it's, yeah, so we're only talking, you know, three, four months ago. Yeah. And so that's fantastic. And

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as you say, you know, it obviously you doubled what you were hoping to do there. And then telic take us through that first, you know, month with that new cohort, like, did you have a structure already built for the programme and kind of what was that? So what was your offer? And what were they getting for that? 15 pounds subscription per month? So the main things that the membership focuses on is master classes. So I do a master class a month and then a live q&a And then both of those alive

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If that are then recorded and then put onto my members area, which is on my website.

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So they, the first one I set the topic for I set it up and put it out there because that was the main

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question that I get asked all the time. So I thought, right, let's this will be a good one to start with and get people in,

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which is all about different stabilisers use for the embroidery machines. And then from there on in, I put, I asked for feedback from my members. So that was a really real key point for me. Because, yeah, it's my club, but it's more their club, really, because I want them to get the most out of it. So I asked them for the ideas, things they want me to cover in, in master classes.

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And then I'll put a vote out. So I'll pick three topics for that month, put a vote out on the Facebook group, the private Facebook group, and then they can vote on on each topic for each month. And so, so yeah, then going forward, they will pick the topics each time. Yeah, key lesson there, obviously, give, give them what they want, right? And

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solve the problems that people are telling you they're having. And then obviously, you build that into marketing and right because, you know, you've been told that and, and that then goes into your message. So So in terms of marketing, moving forwards now, how are you looking to grow the membership, what what kind of things you going to be doing? So in the not so distant future, I want to do a, I guess, another sort of launch. So I want to do a free webinar, and push it out there to more people maybe spend a bit of money on advertising, maybe we'll see. And just see if we can get a few more people in

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and just kind of promote what we're all about, and how lovely the communities that that we've built together.

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Everyone is so nice. And then we're just really lucky. But

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But yeah, just kind of really putting that out there. Give people a little taster of what they can expect in the club. And then And then yeah, open the doors and let people in. Yeah. And there's a there's a saying in kind of membership sites, people come for the content, but they stay for the community. And are you seeing the retention as well, from those those 20? Joined? Yeah, yeah, definitely. I think there's only one lady who left and it it. We'd already had a conversation before she joined. And she said it might not be for her because she's she's more of a business doing embroidery rather than the hobbyists kind of thing. So. So yeah, everyone else is staid, which is great, brilliant, brilliant. And of course, not only are you building a business, so pillar five of our Seven Pillars of Wealth, you're now building your IP, you creating intellectual property in a way of courses. And also you mentioned to me something about a retreat or two. So tell us more about that. So work together with two lovely ladies, Caroline, and Janice. So together, we've put together a retreat, called a way to so. So it's just a lovely three days in Kent, at the Hyatt in a hotel with a swimming pool, lovely big open space room where you can bring your sewing machine, bring your projects, come with a friend or meet new friends when you're there. And it's just, it's just a lovely place to go. And so for three days, and then you get those three there to help and guide you along with demonstrations or anything specific on the project, you're going to do create on the on the retreat, so we can live that we're on hand to help as well. So yeah, we've just done the second one in May. And then we've got another one. We've we haven't announced the dates yet, but it is September this year, we've got we've got another booking in the hotel room. So yeah, all right, we'll be sure to post that in the Facebook community for for anyone listening who might be interested in coming along. So that's really good. And it sounds like really creating an experience. So it's not just about sewing, it's getting together with friends and just having a bit of time out from from things and, and again, that's what you want, isn't it building that community where people come in, and they stay and it's not just staying for the original content, which they joined for? It's it's all the other things that they weren't expecting to get as a result of it? Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Back as well, which is great, because then they meet new people, and then they stay connected, and then they all come back together, which is great. So and of course then referrals and you know, word of mouth. And you know, that's another strategy, right? So there's always there's always so many ideas of things that you can do, right? So it's just about getting proof of concept at the beginning and that you absolutely have established now so so that is kind of like first base and now you can build towards your first 100 members, which I'm sure you'll be hitting in the not too distant future. But you talked about during the retreat, there were a couple of other people so so that's now looking at joint venture

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says right? So it's partnering with other people to create value and a win win for everyone and an income stream. So, you know, without realising perhaps you've got three pillars on the go there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  20:12  

That's quite good, actually.

Unknown Speaker  20:14  

And then you've got Mark, looking at the property pillar. So, so all of the entrepreneurial pillars, pretty much you've got covered, or you will have so, so good work in the first 10 months, right?

Unknown Speaker  20:25  

Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah, it's quite interested in sort of looking back at things even though it's still like you say, early days and realising how far how far we've come even in this short period of time where we've been part of the wealth builders community. So So yeah, it's really good to see. Yeah, that's good. And what would be some lessons, you know, from your first year or two in business? Anyone who's listening now, Rachel, they're, you know, they're going through the same kind of stages of thinking of an idea. Will anybody buy, you know, what do I do? How do I launch trying to get perfect? Right. And I think that's something we've not touched on. But, you know, perfection. You know, tell me a bit about that. Because some people never start because they always tinkering. Yeah, I mean, don't ya not letting perfection get in the way of progression? Yeah, I'm sure someone is ready to quote someone for that. But

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that is a big thing. And again, I have to say, for John Dale, our coach, because he, he basically just said, why don't you just just do it? Like, you haven't got a thing? I was thinking, right? I need to get some content on there. I need to get it all looking nice and good. And yeah, I just I didn't I didn't at all. I just said, look, it's new. Come in, tell me what you want. And I'll create it for you. And it's worked really well. And I think if it happens with all sorts of things, doesn't it? You sort of put it off, put it off until it's perfect. But he never get it out there then you never know.

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So yeah, absolutely. That's a big lesson for sure. What would be another lesson that looking back now you would would perhaps have done differently or done done quicker? Yeah, I think a lot of it. A big thing for me is it was mindset, actually. And I think that's in a lot of life anyway, just having the right kind of mindset. And I think if you think it's not going to work, then it probably won't. Because you're not going to get do the things that you need to do to get get it to work. So

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and there's enough room out there for everyone. So you're not going to find something that no one else is doing. Even in my niche. There are other people doing what I do.

Unknown Speaker  22:35  

But you've got to be you and show why you're different. And people will like you or join you or they'll do both. So it does. It's it. There's enough room out there for everyone to do things your way.

Unknown Speaker  22:49  

And yeah, I just wish I started it all sooner. That was the other thing but but there we go. It's still early days. But yeah, well, that's a good message. I think to leave us on there. Just get going. Right? Yes, it Yeah, just get going. So I'd love to have you back in a few months, Rachel and we'll see how things progressing. And and also on the property side of things and hopefully marks visits today go well, so well. Well done to both thanks very much for sharing today, Rachel and for being a part of the wealth builders community. Yeah, no problem. Thank you so much for having me. Oh, just to find one Rachel, tell everyone the URL the website where they can go and check you out. Good point. Yeah, so it's www dot Bernie and And that's funny because it's my surname is bully. It's be usable l e. Why? Go there now. Alright, then. Thanks. Very cool. So yeah, hi.

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Okay, I really enjoyed speaking to Rachel on that one, Kevin, and certainly a few points to put out there. And before we do that, let's head on over to Trustpilot and read out one of our latest reviews and this one catching my eye today is from Errol and Errol says wealth building made easier. So this is the only organisation I'm aware of that provides a complete, holistic view of how to create wealth, wealth builders hold your hand to get you started on the strategy best suited for you.

Unknown Speaker  24:12  

The support I received kept me engaged and motivated without ever putting me under pressure. The Roadmap they have created for wealth creation is clear, well signposted, and gives confidence that if followed, I will reach my destination of financial independence.

Unknown Speaker  24:28  

I like that and we often refer to the confidence that people get when they see things working.

Unknown Speaker  24:34  

And Rachel is the same right? You needed just to see some evidence, often surprising that you know people are buying into what you have to offer. And I think instinctively she knew that but didn't think she had a business doing that. You know, she had it as an employee, didn't she? And often showing people what to do. And what's interesting for me about this, Chris is that

Unknown Speaker  25:00  

Is the lessons are hard baked here into the lessons for anybody. And even though the niche is interesting, you remember, before you had your break, and a bit of a laugh about the worst thing I could think of was going to Glastonbury. And you were like, yeah, it's horses for courses. Everybody's different. And this is one of those, isn't it? Yeah, this is never going to touch my life. Sewing embroidery being great at that, but I can understand why it is. And there's a whole industry isn't around hobbies and interests. And I'm always fascinated when someone discovers for themselves a rich an energising niche, where they actually become like the wealth dynamics in flow. And you could tell Rachel, was in flow. You know, so being in flow is an important part of that. But But But the other issue, to mention, I think, is choosing your niche, and being outstanding in a niche is one of the prerequisites of a wealth building business, not just a business that I've mentioned before, trading time for money, but just with a different set of construction, not trading time for any job or trading time for an in a business where you're a job holder, essentially, in a business. And if you can find a rich niche, and go deep into that niche, and create your authority and your your key person of influence, as we might say, then, and I think we've got access to that book, haven't we as well, key person of influence, you might want a signed poster from Daniel briefly. Yes, that yes, no, Daniel, very kindly shared a copy for us to share with our members. So inside the wealth builders free membership, make sure you've registered wealth forward slash membership and should be able to access that inside there. Yeah, yeah. So yeah. And, you know, we've talked about the roadmap. And I think Rachel referred to that and Errol did in his review, as well. But our roadmap which we teach, which is the path that everyone has to follow to move from financial insecurity, to financial independence, we've broken it into three stages. And stage one is building confidence. And begins with mindset, it begins with knowing yourself, and our members take the wealth dynamics assessment, and Rachel was a clear creator, she has lots of Dynamo energy, which is that creative energy to come up with ideas come up with things and and she's put that into good practice, but and then stage two is building knowledge. So that's understanding then, well, how do you actually build a business and what type of business and and there's different types of recurring income businesses that people can can follow on that, Kevin? Yeah, there are. And I've identified four, I'd be very interested if anybody else could come up with a fifth, because those distinctions often referred to, can come from elsewhere, we're humble enough to accept anybody else's suggestions as well. So the the four types of recurring income, and it's worth mentioning that recurring income is the most precious income and more, because if you can secure recurring income, in other words, income that's automatic, in some way, is contractual in some way. It's not just getting a customer to buy again, it's the fact that committed to that auto buying sequence. And there are four types. And let's see if we can identify, you know, what type Rachael fits into there. So the first one is a product that you would have an purchase. That is, you automatically purchase. So think about you as a customer. And think about you as a business owner. And so, you know, get curious about it, you know, almost develop a sort of sense of curiosity, around recurring income businesses, and I look for them everywhere. It's a fun thing for me to do and most the recurring income in that where's the recurring income? That? And that's a question I always asking myself when I see any business, but the recurring income and a product is well, what product do you automatically have? That's on autopilot for you? You know, auto delivery? Is a you got a horse, so you have food delivered automatically? Is it we've got a black Labrador, and the banks of food for them are pretty heavy, right? Well, why do I want to put my back out and get my wife to put her back and just get it delivered? So and of course, the famous bond for care, which is why, you know, I get my wine delivered.

Unknown Speaker  29:32  

And it comes automatically, and I get a very pleasant

Unknown Speaker  29:36  

injection of that and, and I enjoy spending the money. So that's a recurring income for the business who's supplying me? Well, what's your version of that? So that's a product. The other is a service. So what service do you received that automatic?

Unknown Speaker  29:52  

It's contractual, maybe and you could think of lots of things around the home or in business that will be relevant for that mean in business.

Unknown Speaker  30:00  

cuz we're, we're paying for tech support only mode home, you might pay for your alarm to be serviced or your car to be serviced or whatever, you know. So lots and lots of ideas around that. Yeah, yeah, I was gonna say the software software as a service, right is all over the place now. So subscriptions to all sorts of things within a business. Yeah. Albeit subscriptions and memberships would be a third category, which I think is where Rachel's going with, with

Unknown Speaker  30:26  

colour, like a membership idea, to create something that people feel part of a community. And it's building the community. And you, I think, quite nicely said it, I think, you know, people come for the content, but stay for the community, I believe in the words you use. And I think that's right. And what she's trying to do is build that community. And I think what's great about what she's doing is it's around a machine, right. And while she talked about the different brands of machine, actually, my wife's a seamstress, she made her own wedding dress, going back ages ago, and I'll get it to go and have a look at it, she doesn't actively get involved now.

Unknown Speaker  31:00  

But you know that she's been and done that we still got the sewing machine, and it is a brother sewing machine. And what's interesting though, is there are 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of people who are fascinated by the subject. And it's just great that she can tap into that, and, and because it's the machine, they need to see it down there. And that that sort of engenders the community. Because you can almost see a room full of machinists or lessons, you know, almost like famous chefs cooking, you're gonna have Rachel doing it with a mirror on there. So everybody can see what she's doing. This is how you do that. And so do that. And ah, that's how you do that. And that's what people pay for is the distinctions that they don't get, and they can't get on our own. So that's membership in subscriptions. And of course, wealth builders as a membership and subscription. Business. For those who decide to join, of course, we obsess about giving away, free content, as well as free content as well, because we hope that at some point self serving me, when people are ready, they've had enough good content, go, Hey, I'm ready to take action now. And hopefully, they'll reach out to us. But anyway,

Unknown Speaker  32:12  

the fourth is a gateway. Now, that's probably the least understood, I think of the of the four recurring income models. And the gateway is still identifies a niche, but instead of you providing the service, you curate the content, you become essentially a librarian for the content of people searching for a specific issue. Now,

Unknown Speaker  32:42  

that could be any niche that you find. But in a world where, when bombarded, we're inundated with information coming from all angles, it's often referred to as trying to get a cup of water out of Niagara Falls is too much information, you google anything you get there, you get so much. Whereas if you're interested in something, and somebody can get that content, sift that content, and make that content available to you in the way that you want it, then that could be a really good gateway. And you know, up to the difference really gateway membership is with a membership, you're asking somebody to pay for your curation or for your skill. With a gateway, you're being paid by the myriad of people who are providing a service to that community.

Unknown Speaker  33:29  

I always use the same example because it's easiest one to pick out, which is money saving expert, Martin Lewis, we don't charge anything to be a member. It's not a money saving expert membership site where you pay x pounds a month. No, it's basically an affiliate link, you click on something, it's already automatically tagged. And if you then go on to buy the cookies embedded in that will send us a small payment. And if you've got enough people visiting the site, those small payments add up to large payments. And you know, he's done a really outstanding job of doing that. And over the years is built up, you know, a personality around that. But what's your version, you know, so if you're if you're in business or thinking about being in business, or like Rachel, at the very cusp of building a bridge between employees ship where you're outstanding and what you do, maybe you don't know yet, maybe you do, maybe you've been told, you're really good at that you've really got a good way of thinking about that. Then you can turn that into some form of membership or subscription or recurring income business if you want. So congrats to Rachel, for doing that. And of course, while Rachel has been the feature of this, her husband Mark has been outstanding in his own support, not just in supporting Rachael, but also in looking at the alternative asset classes, which is property. So we know that's a genuine team business going on there, don't we? Yeah, yeah. No. Great to hear

Unknown Speaker  35:00  

Four of those entrepreneurial pillars being brought into play. And just to touch on another aspect of key step in our nine step roadmap, which is Step Five leverage because there's some good examples of how Rachel's brought leverage into play here. So have F IR s t, which is your acronym Kevin financial, leverage intellectual relationship systems and time. So obviously, the intellectual leverage all of those years built up, she's now you know, taking that experience hasn't just parked it or left it behind. She's brought it with her into her new life, and now being able to monetize that and obviously enjoy that because she knows she's an expert in her field. But then the relationship leverage of working with a coach and she mentioned that was one of the things that attracted them to wealth builders was having that one to one support. And their coach has been John Dale and John gave Rachel that push, which sometimes you need, because otherwise you're working towards perfection and perfection. Kind of never seems to come does it? There's always something else you can be doing before you're ready to go. Yeah, that's an interesting one, isn't it, particularly for wealth dynamics that are a little bit more steely, perhaps and Rachel's where you just want all the traffic lights on the road to be green before you set off? And they never are they? And so you can't really do that. But so I get that. So it's, I think it's just get started. Get better later, isn't it? That's all you can do. And if you tell the truth, and you tell him you say to people, Hey, this is what we're doing. It's not perfect. In fact, we welcome your feedback so we can improve it. They will respect that. Absolutely. Yeah. That's the formula that we followed in the past. I'm sure we'll follow again in the future, when we have new products to launch. So yeah, really well done to Rachel and to mark of course, as you say, working together as a team joined as a partnership and, you know, within their first 12 months, making great progress, so good. Well, hopefully, we'll be able to share more member stories in future episodes. We had a bit of a break, but we've got so many great stories to share. We'll make sure that I think every month we're inviting a member to share their progress. So Kevin, we will catch up again, same time, same place next week. Chris, and until then my friend see you.

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We hope you enjoy today's episode. Don't forget that we are constantly updating our resources inside the wealth builders membership site to help you create, build and protect your wealth. Head over to wealth right now for free access. That's wealth

Episode summary

In this captivating episode, we dive into the inspiring journey of Rachel Bunney, the owner of The Bunney & Thread Embroidery Club.

Having joined WealthBuilders in August 2022 with her husband Mark, we explore Rachel’s path to entrepreneurship, the challenges she faced, and the triumphs she has experienced along the way.

Including the pivotal moments that sparked her entrepreneurial spirit and propelled her to turn her hobby into a thriving venture. She also reflected on the obstacles encountered during the early stages of her business, such as navigating the intricacies of marketing, building a customer base, and managing the operational aspects of a growing business.

Tune in as we explore Rachel’s initial steps into the world of business and the birth of her beloved brand, The Bunney & Thread Embroidery Club.

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