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Looking At Your Wealth In A New Light w/ Dr Shelley James

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Unknown Speaker  0:02  

The purpose of wealth talk is to educate, inform, and hopefully entertain you on the subject of building your wealth. Wealth builders recommends you should always take independent financial tax or legal advice before making any decisions around your finances.

Christian Rodwell  0:20  

Welcome to Episode 158 of wealth talk. My name is Christian Rodwell magic Director of Wealth builders and I'm joined today by our founder, Mr. Kevin Whalen. Hi, Kevin. Hi,

Unknown Speaker  0:28  

Chris. Good to be with you. Again, following actually a day with you over at Lingfield racecourse yesterday where we met our fantastic team and had a bit of a brainstorming and a huddle as we call it and some very nice Thai food. And I noticed you are adding extra chilies. A little bit of extra heat. Talking about here, we're talking about extra light.

Christian Rodwell  0:53  

We are indeed Yeah, we love to, you know, bring our members onto the podcast and obviously sharing their successes. And a new member who recently joined is Dr. Shelley James, who is the sister of one of our very, very wonderful members, Jim James. And Shelly has had some great success in her own business, which is really, I guess, being a advocate for the benefits of lights. And she recently did a TEDx talk or hear all about the success of that. And she was sharing it in our private Facebook community. We thought we have to get Shelly on and just let everyone know a bit more about this.

Unknown Speaker  1:28  

Well, we've been talking on enough crossover recent podcasts about I suppose things we take for granted. We have Raquel recently talking about heat. And we had Fabio talking about how sometimes you look at property just through the lens of trying to do the work as opposed to selling before you get to the end. So check out the podcasts with them. But with light I mean, that's probably one of the most taken for granted concepts, isn't it? In the universe and university, she was talking about almost a connection that you have to sit down and think about. And you know, she'll mention something later on a statistic about how much time we spend in natural light, which I found quite shocking. So resolved to do something about that actually

Christian Rodwell  2:25  

play more golf.

Unknown Speaker  2:29  

Although it was good to play golf recently, and, and of course, I'm playing more now because the weather's better. But I know that's good. That's good. Yeah, nice, that sort of come back there, Chris, on the golf but but other things, but we'll reveal more about that. But so a lot of things. And the title of the podcast, I suppose looking at wealth in a new light is meant to get you to look at perspectives, and hearing other people's perspectives, what I would call distinctions. And I believe that wealth is a factor that's multiplied in leveraged by the number of distinctions that we can make and apply in our life. And there might not be hundreds of 1000s of lessons in every podcast and light sounds like a curious one. But it's quite a fascinating reveal. And and it's not just about the light that affects us as people, I mean, look at the you know, in countries where there's less natural light, you've you've you've actually have higher suicide rates, don't you places like Norway, and so on, where they have no natural light for long periods of time. But you know, we're not talking about that so much, but we are talking about its impact, you know, so in order to perform at the highest level, whether we're in business, whether we're aware, an employee, whatever we're doing, we need to look at the things that added contribute to our ability to perform at the highest level. And I think shelling definitely made me think more about not just the life itself, or the quality, the direction that type and how it affects not just us as grownups, but children more and more, I suppose, you know, they're not that on screens all the time on they really, which is blue light. And Charlie talks about, you know, why we shouldn't have so much blue light as well. So I think a fascinating reveal Chris. And of course, from a wealth building perspective, you can feel a passion. And then that passion is turning into a wealth building opportunity for her and there's a sequence to that and will reveal more about that sequence because we see it played out time and time again in the IP pillar Christi intellectual property. Pillar, so this is more about that. But there's more lessons than just IP pillar here.

Christian Rodwell  5:00  

All right, so let's head over to our conversation today. We've got Shelly James and looking at your wealth in a new light. Shelly, welcome to wealth talk today. How are you?

Unknown Speaker  5:10  

I'm really well. And thank you very much for having me.

Christian Rodwell  5:12  

Know, you're very welcome, really looking forward to our conversation today. And you've recently joined the wealth builders community. And we must give a nod to your brother, Jim, who has kindly introduced you, and Jim is doing some fantastic things of his own. I'm sure we'll have Jim to share that one day. But surely your message is a very, very interesting one. And I think one that, you know, we can all learn from many benefits. And this comes off the back actually of a recent TEDx talk that you did. And I think you've had a bit of success with that, have you?

Unknown Speaker  5:43  

Yes, it was actually one of the top three most watched in the world in May, just five days after it was sort of introduced onto the platform there back Ted, big Ted picked up the talk and put it on their platform. And yeah, it just sort of went viral. In a way it was amazing. 900 likes, it was just, it's just fantastic. And it keeps on growing, which

Christian Rodwell  6:04  

is, what was the title of that talk, Shelly and tell us about your message that you're so passionate about.

Unknown Speaker  6:10  

So the title of the talk is, how can lighting designed to help keep astronauts in peak condition on the space station, help us to be healthier, and happier here on Earth. So the core message is simply that lighting that was designed for the ultimate lockdown, which is the ultimate jetlag, which is astronauts indoors in that capsule zooming around the moon 16 times a day, they see different sunrises. And actually, the lives that we lead here, where we spend less than an hour a day outside, our body clocks are really struggling. And the technology that was developed to help the astronauts survive that indoor online life is actually now available and affordable, building up a really solid body of scientific evidence to show how that can help us see so. So that was the topic of the talk. And that's, I guess my message is to is that, like makes a difference, and that we can do something about it.

Christian Rodwell  7:03  

Yeah. And that's why we, you know, we want to really dive into this topic today, because it's perhaps not directly related to, you know, making money and things like that. But in a way, our mindset, our, our well being is crucial, right? And if we're not in the right frame of mind, then we're not going to be as productive as we could be. And you've studied this, maybe you can explain your background with this surely as to why you've become so such passionate advocate of this. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  7:29  

absolutely. So my interest, I suppose, began, I had a high flying career and I had a head injury, I had to retrain my iron breathy all the senses to filter and to work correctly together over many, many long years. And I ended up setting up some residencies at the sly hospital, I took a PhD and I started to experiment with light through my practice as a glass artist, and couldn't find anybody to help me to make the installations that I wanted to make. So I trained as an electrician, then through lockdown found myself, with the people around me, indoors, not realising how much a lack of light was contributing to depression, low mood, blurry brain, putting on a bit of weight, all those things that we all experienced, who locked down, we know that proper exposure to light and dark, can really make a massive difference to that. So shortness of breath, inability to remember things, all those things that completely mediated by your exposure, correct approach that exposure to light. So so that's how I set up the first campaign. Because nobody else was travelling, either, I was able to speak to the scientists who worked on the space station lighting, and to people all over the world who are specialists in this. Together, we created a campaign for teens, which reached two and a half million kids, and it's growing all the time, which led to conversations with the people who buy lights for schools of hospitals and realising that they have no idea either how this stuff works. So that led to what I'm doing now, which is building bridges between developers, lighting manufacturers, scientists and end users. So an old people's home school, to help them to see how they can use light to be healthier and happier and more sustainable. So it's a kind of a win win all around.

Christian Rodwell  9:16  

Yeah. And I mean, I guess really, we're focusing on the business pillar, but also the IP pillar, right? And something we don't talk about so often on wealth talk podcast, but you know, we have Seven Pillars of Wealth and intellectual property is one pillar that absolutely you are, you know, building so much really credible IP. I've just been on the internet, you know, doing some research and you're all over the internet. Surely, you know, Ted TEDx third most watched video in May, as you already mentioned, I think is 80,000 views you have on that video. 85. Yeah, and growing and growing by the day, so obviously point everyone to go and watch that. I'll put the link in the show notes. But yeah, let's talk about this, you know, in terms of your own wealth building journey We hear Shelley creating IP and in the form of, obviously speaking engagements now, which I know we're coming in, you're in the process of writing a book or is that is that kind of forthcoming?

Unknown Speaker  10:11  

Its forthcoming, though first draft of the manuscript is done now kind of ploughing through it again to see if it makes sense, in sending out review sections to people to kind of sense check it to my ideal audience to dissents. Check that. So yeah, the idea is that by October, when I've got some other high profile speaking engagements, I'll be in a position to say, and here's the book, leveraging some of that to create shorter downloadable PDFs so that people can see begin to experience value, and make that part of the funnel of the journey into working with me. So use using the IP in different ways to create relationships really an add value.

Christian Rodwell  10:52  

Yeah, which I think is brilliant. And just coming back to this, so you know, point about following your passion, right, something that, you know, perhaps was a bit covered, you know, we're all in our daily grind, right, we all kind of get so used to doing the same thing, and then locked down just was such a massive shift. And, and it gave you that space in that time to reflect and obviously others to really help you, you know, understand that this was something that, you know, you've perhaps should follow. That's only been about a year and a half ago, right. But I think you're already making more of difference and potentially making more money now by following this new path. Right?

Unknown Speaker  11:26  

Absolutely. And I mean, I can't thank Jim enough, really, for encouraging me to stand up for this and actually, and really go for it. So he was he was the impetus between for the TEDx thing, he's also helped me to negotiate my first sponsorship deals. So every step of the way, he's been behind me, because there's my, my little brother, he was he was worried because I was working as an artist pretty much penniless, you know, I had, I've got a property, which is great, but really not stepping into a more mature relationship with money, which I think many women struggle with. But you know, as we move into later life, so it this has been a way for me to pursue my passion and earn more per day now than I have for years. So that's, that's phenomenal.

Christian Rodwell  12:13  

Yeah. Yeah, it's really good. And obviously, we're looking forward to continue working with you now to really expand on this. Now, I know you're, you're kind of being booked all over the place, you know, different countries to be industry panel on debates and, and working with the Society of light. And other obviously, organisation. One thing I do want to ask you about Shelley is the lunar project, which was a very successful teen targeted social media campaign recently, you know, how did that come about? And you know, what, what did that involve?

Unknown Speaker  12:41  

So that was the, I suppose the seed for this, and I suppose proof of concept that there was a demand and actually a demand that added enough value to, for people to pay for it. So teens, and their parents are kind of quite hard to reach groups for lighting manufacturers. So through lockdown, thanks to Jim actually, and my amazing nieces, his daughters, we've just been thinking, how can we help them to understand the difference? So we came up with this idea. And we I thought, well, maybe and he actually introduced me to an amazing TV production studio animation studio who do do some amazing work. And they were, you know, they were sort of very grand, and they agreed to take on the project, but it was going to be 75,000 pounds to kind of just do the concept. And they would own the rights. It's like, Well, should I take out a mortgage on the house? What should I, if I want to do this release, is this what commitment looks like and actually, thanks again, to Jim, we found some free, very low cost, DIY, video tools. And basically, I did it myself, and found a focus group of teens who helped me to kind of fine tune the content to make sure it worked for them. So it was completely DIY. And then I spent the money that I had actually a couple of 1000 pounds on using Instagram and Facebook ads to boost that. And because I wasn't selling, I mean, I had sponsorship logos at the very end, but we wasn't selling a product, a little bit of money went a very long way in terms of Instagram or social media boosting. So it was an object lesson in how to make a little bit of advertising money go a long way. And then it gave massive value back to my sponsors who could see that they were they had good stories to tell internally about their commitment to the field. And so it ended up in and so they all came and actually another three who actually approached me to be involved with the next to be sponsors for the next one. So now I'm preparing the next thing next year. And I've got a number of people I know now personally, who will actually open to back the thinking so how are we put, how can we put surely in our budgets next year so I'm in a position now where I've added enough value and proven value and supported enough of the people that they want to support to To begin to create a virtuous circle, because my main message, my main mission is to share this story. But I also need to find a way to make that viable commercially. And that seems to be seem to be finding a way to do that.

Christian Rodwell  15:16  

Yeah, yeah. Sounds like those connections really building now, which obviously is super important. We talked about obviously, children there, you know, we've got a wealth building families programme, which is still in development. But absolutely, we're looking to work with you and, you know, see how we can bring in some of your lessons into the wealth lessons and combine the two together. So I guess that leads us on to, you know, I guess sharing with our listeners, surely some of the things that perhaps affect us, and maybe some small changes that we can all make in our daily activities, our daily lives. Certainly, you know, a lot of our listeners are business owners, they're probably people in property. So from your experience, you know, what are some things that people should be aware of?

Unknown Speaker  15:56  

So there are, light is affecting the the most powerful thing, it's, it's affects you since you were in the womb, it's an amazing, it's, you can't overstate how important it is. But there are some very simple things that you can do. One of the so there's parts of the brain, which is there's the vision part of the brain, and obviously, that's looking for, if you're developing a space, you want to look sort of calm and balance and all of those things. But there's another part of the brain, which is the non visual system, which is right in the very middle of your brain. And it's particularly noticing differences between bright, cool light from above, you think about that to the sky. And that's, that's a wake up signal, it's it, it affects your mood, and affects your ability to sleep, it affects your alertness or attention. So it's better than a cup of coffee. So if you want to create an environment, which is bright and refreshing, and makes you feel alert, then if you can find light sources, which are bright without glare, and which, if you bounce light from the ceiling, and from the walls, you can reduce the amount of energy you need to create the same experience of brightness. So the first thing is obviously to get outside because that's the most sustainable free light that you can get. And it's the best because it's got wavelengths that artificial light doesn't have. It's like the difference between a multivitamin and a salad, it's just a different thing. But we can use artificial light to create that bright, fresh, alert feeling, you can improve productivity, you can improve mood, memory response times all those things with that sort of hit of bright coffee for your brain. And then, but you don't having bright, cool, fresh light is one thing, but we also know that a softer, warmer colour temperatures, everything more like a campfire glow. People tend to perceive even a neutral expression as being more positive, that we find lateral thinking, a number of other sort of creative and collaborative mechanisms in the brain kick in, in a warmer in a physically in a light, which makes you look warmer. So that's something else to consider if you're creating an environment for negotiation, or for more creative, creative collaborative conversation, or even just to do sort of more quiet thinking yourself than that, the creating lighting, which allows you to shift between those scenes will make a big difference to your ability to perform those different types of tasks and to kind of support your brain in those like, like different mood music, essentially. And then I guess, the last thing which is so it's like coffee for the brain, if you can allow the brain to wind down allowing it, I guess an hour or so ideally in two hours, but at least an hour without blue light, particularly the light coming from your screens that will allow you to switch off. And then at night, if you can make sure your room is as dark as possible. It will actually allow your brain you can remember up to 40% more if you get a good night's sleep. So and your brain is like a little Meerkat disco again, what's should I be up and about. And so exposure to light at night, even a bedside light or light coming through curtains which aren't good. Light blocking curtains can stop you from falling into the deep sleep that you need to improve your memory to improve your muscle tone to improve your digestion. All kinds of stuff happens while you're asleep.

Christian Rodwell  19:25  

Yeah, I guess as well as considering you know, the effects of light on ourselves and our own productivity, certainly for people who are in property, thinking about the light that's in their properties for their tenants to give them a better life as well and you know, all these kinds of intangible things that actually could end up with tenants having more enjoyable experience staying there longer and the experience with that.

Unknown Speaker  19:48  

Well, yes, so I am. I've been invited to be on the international Well, advisory panel for light so that's healthy building standard and But what we know now is that buildings which have achieved that level of well being sort of built into the space so as to do with noise due to thermal comfort, but also critically light, if you're able property developers who are creating spaces which delivered those standards can actually sell those for a premium. Because they they make that a feature of the property, that it's that it's a well as a healthy building, and they get better quality tenants, they find lower vacancy rates. So there's a real added value, not only in improving the quality of light in your spaces, but also communicating that because if unless you point it out, people may not notice but if you make that part of your proposition, that it's a space, which is for health and well being and for inclusive life, then you can actually make that a feature, or a benefit me.

Christian Rodwell  20:54  

Yeah, yeah, we know light is affecting every single cell in our body. So important here. So anything else surely that you're working on anything to share, which you think would be a benefit to our listeners,

Unknown Speaker  21:06  

I think the first thing to really just is to be aware of, of light, really, because it's something that we just take so for granted. So I think if you can be aware of light in your own life. So for example, make sure you get outside in the morning, ideally, even just listen to a podcast or or take meetings outside. If you can, then you will not only will you improve your own health and well being but you'll also, then in the evening, wind down and at night, don't even have your phone in the room, switch it off, take it outside, charge it somewhere else. And then your children and other people around, you will see you making those sorts of choices yourself. Because most of us get outside for less than an hour a day, which is actually less than the United Nations minimum for people living in prison. And we know that it's not only will it affect you now, but actually the long term benefits of living without a solid mood enhancing wake up and then sleep cycle, long term, it seems to contribute to risks of Alzheimer's, all kinds of other long term chronic diseases. So I guess that's just the light to where and then also invite your tenants and your clients and your suppliers to be aware of that too, because the return on investment for a relatively small investment in a better quality lighting solution can be massive, not only in terms of your own health and well being but also the value of the property that you're involved with. So I guess that's my, that's my invitation is for you to be aware of light. And the other thing, perhaps dimension is the books coming out in October. So I'll be sharing progress and an information about that in due course via the wealth builders community.

Christian Rodwell  22:43  

Yeah, please do share, share that within our wealth builder groups. As soon as you have that, Shelly, just finally, I suppose it's only been early days since you've joined the academy? What are you looking forward to learning and collaborating with others on over the next 12 months,

Unknown Speaker  22:57  

it's just wonderful to be among so many people being so honest and constructive about money, because mostly I grew up in an environment where it was very sort of confusing and tricky. So the first thing I'm really loving through my coach and the other people that I'm meeting through this group is simply being in a situation where like, Go beginning to go to a gym, you go, okay, I can do something about this. So I'm looking forward to growing in confidence, because I felt a bit nervous about jumping into the group. So that's the first thing and I think also, one of my personal goals is to build my property goal to create at least five properties which have the lighting to the world standards so that we can show that there is a real business return for integrating that way of thinking into the built environment. So I'm looking forward to working with others in this network to to make that a reality so that we can show by example of what's possible.

Christian Rodwell  23:53  

Yeah, we're so excited and pleased to have you with us, Shelley, and thanks so much for sharing everything with our listeners today.

Unknown Speaker  23:59  

Thank you so much for the invitation.

Christian Rodwell  24:02  

Okay, interesting stuff from Shelly looking forward to getting into quite a few different lessons there. Before we do that, Kevin, actually, we must remind our listeners that we are holding a wealth builders experience tomorrow evening. So if you're tuned into the podcast on the day this comes out, then it's actually the Thursday the 30th we are holding a Portuguese wine tasting and plus the CCOs. So really fun evening for members and non members to come along. So even if you're not already part of the wealth builders community, maybe you've just been listening to the podcast for a few months you enjoying it, you'd like to come and say hello, share a glass of something nice with us, then we're going to be holding that in North London. And details can be found in the wealth builders Facebook group, but it's at the tuffnell Tavern starting at 7:30pm.

Unknown Speaker  24:45  

Yeah, and hopefully we're doing more of those things. You know, we recently to a golf day and we've got more of those things to come and talking about that you've made a joke. At the beginning Chris about me sort of play more golf and I think that's about enjoyment. But definitely, I think, I think the shocking statistic she came up with there was to do with prisons, do you remember what you said that, you know, she said that even in prison, you know, there's there's a stipulation that you should have at least an hour of outdoor natural lighting. And so few was doing that these days, particularly with kind of hybrid lifestyles, you know, in all of that changing, and the environment changing, you know, getting out and just enjoying natural light is is a key thing. So, you know, I like to do my dog walk, and I'll do one of those later on this morning. But I'll do so conscientiously, not just for the walking, which is important than me, I've got a new regime, Chris might share it with you, just, you know, just to try and get it a little bit more discipline to what I'm doing. And I like a good pneumonic or acronym. But this one isn't one of those, but it's my, what I'm doing every week. So W E, K. So number one, I'm resolved to do at least you know, one major, I've got a black lab and usually the family of walking in, I'm not actively involved in that so much. But I've resolved to do at least one of those every week during the working week, as I do that begins. So that's my W's are walk. So either ideally with the dog or with the family. And then two bits of exercise, I've got a home gym, my wife was commenting how one of the only rooms in the house that's used for Exercise Exercise, at least two and then ks kilogrammes, just to push a bit of weight and get the strength going. We were had a bit of a family get together a week or so ago, Chris. And we're all resolving how, you know, one of the tests of Getting old is whether you can get up off the floor, on your own, you know, without using your arms, imagining you broken your arms. And that's got nothing to do with light, I know, but everything to do with just getting older. So I think all of this helps. And I did find a cunning plan to get up without using my arms and had nothing to do with being lifted or hoisted, as my daughter said, but but but all good fun. But I mean that and joking aside, you know, that I think surely has helped me think about that. And of course, wellbeing is critical, isn't it in order to perform wealth at the highest level, there's so many things to distract us and, and the phone being not just obvious for us, but for children. And I think we need to bring that lesson out loud and clear, or clear in terms of light, when it comes to wealth builders for children and how to make kids appreciate that light, not your screen light, and the blue light that she's encouraging us to switch off when we go to bed. And a lot of the first thing we do is plug our phones in to get charged by the bed and and say our prayers and then get up in the morning on our knees getting the charger out. And the very first thing we do is reach for our phone. So so maybe she's got some very valid lessons there that we could all could take something from notwithstanding the wealth lessons, Chris, you're now going to pull out?

Christian Rodwell  28:13  

Well, it's often said, Isn't it health is your greatest wealth. And I think that is absolutely true here. So the two do go together. But yes, we're on wealth talk. And we know there's a process for building wealth. And we're really delighted now to have Shelly as part of our wealth builders Academy community. So we can work together with Shelly and learn from her with the great things that she is able to help us with, but also share with her the process that we know is tried and tested for building wealth. And and I think there were so many parallels from what Shelly talks about she talked about we all say step one is always has to be a catalyst. Right. And Shelley there was, you know, she had an accident, and she had to relearn some things. And it was going through that process that she started to get curious about, you know, the way the brain works and the way that light affects us. So that catalyst was present. And it was very important. But then stage one of our roadmap, our nine step recurring revenue roadmap, is about building confidence. And that confidence grew, as her friends, you know, really encouraged her through lockdown to follow her passion, all this knowledge she had, but she wasn't necessarily sharing that. So the stage one there is about building confidence. And only then can you really start to educate and learn about the different assets. And for Shelley, of course, she's kind of fallen into, in some respects the IP pillar by sharing her message but now carefully crafting products and speaking engagements and books that can actually generate income streams for her.

Unknown Speaker  29:41  

That's an interesting thing and a couple of things to say. Just before I talk about that one is a big debt of gratitude that I know she shared on the podcast to her brother Jim. I mean, Jim is just an outstanding me a warm, engaging and sharing individual and we're so thankful that is in our programme, not just because he's encouraged your sister to take the steps to join us, but how much he's helped and support so many other people in the community, or certainly around business. The other thing I'd say is, you know, it's, it's important to feel support. Because your confidence comes as a reflection of how other people support you. And, and I think with a brother support, and then now she's seeing actually there's a process. And she gets the support of the wealth builder community and our coaches she mentioned as well, then I think that process will be assured for her, because rather than just following the passion and blindly doing so she'll now know how to monetize that in a way that keeps the mission going. Because you need some money to keep the passion going, really. And that's that's a quite a key distinction as well. So some really good things that are coming up.

Christian Rodwell  30:59  

Yeah, yeah. And I think, you know, it's important to recognise the fears that come as well, often a fear of failure, especially when you're building your profile, building your personal brand, many little little voices and sometimes fear of success, you know, what if this actually goes well? How's it going to change my life? And do I want that change. So there's a lot of conflicting feelings that I think can hold a lot of people back. And, you know, it takes courage to push through that.

Unknown Speaker  31:22  

But also it it's not just the courage of pushing through, but it's also the courage to recognise that it's not wrong, that one of the byproducts of sharing your passion as you get paid for it. And I think Shelley admitted there, to having a slightly uncomfortable relationship with money. And I remember having a conversation with the following Jim's referral and that that was loud and clear to me that there was a level of discomfort with the reward that comes from, you know, creating a stronger profile. I mean, I would encourage everybody to go listen to the TED Talk, hear his story. And I'm sure you can put a link to that in the show notes, Kristen. And what did you say it was now 5000, more than you guessed,

Christian Rodwell  32:05  

at 5000 5000. I

Unknown Speaker  32:07  

mean, that's outstanding, it will just be great to get it to 100,000. So if you can head over to listen to what Shelley has to say. And it's good that I liked the fact that she said big Ted picked it up as well. So a very powerful message. And I think from our perspective, getting known for what you do is a very, very powerful way to then once you have got that you're creating, building that profile that you can create, then books and courses and other things, not least, of course, that she's now saying she's getting paid more than she was ever paid before. So even though that might not be recurring, let's say she's being paid to attend something, or to be a judge on something or to be a host on something, then if she's making more money is in terms of an hourly rate, let's say a daily rate, then that makes more profit that you can reinvest profit. So it isn't that everything needs to be recurring is that if you're making more money, because you're doing a better job, you're making better distinctions, then you can make more profit. And all too often, business owners were their personality, their identities linked, don't monetize themselves very well, they can do well financially in terms of an hourly rate, but reinvesting the profits as a key thing. So that will be definitely one of the skills that Shelley will know. And that will probably reflect itself more any other pillars. And I think she mentioned property, being one of those and possibly even the pension pillar as well to get some tax relief and a whole combination of things that people have heard us talk about before. Yes, definitely.

Christian Rodwell  33:50  

Yeah, alongside the IP pillar, Australia's set a goal to have five properties that have their own health and well being element. And just on that kind of reminds me recently, we interviewed Raquel Carell, and it was all about building wealth through sustainable investing. That was episode 154. And Raquel was talking about some low cost ways that you can reflect heat back into your properties. Shelley was talking about the same concept really reflecting light back into the property. And, you know, for property investors of which we know many of our community are, there are these simple kind of, I guess, tactics, which can really improve, you know, an increased value, so you can sell the property for more, you can then rent it out for more, and your tenants will be happier. So I think there's some real benefits here.

Unknown Speaker  34:33  

And arguably, there's a cost saving somewhere. The more you're reflecting light, the less it costs you to do it and if you can use technology and harness the technology to control the volume and the cost of light. You know, we know that costs are going up, particularly those people where the cost of heating lighting and doing other things, Chris is integral to the profit of serviced accommodation, student accommodation and holiday accommodation, where your HMOs as well, were paying the bill is part of what you do as the owner of the property. So the more you can reflect heat, light, and other things back into the home to make it more sustainable and lower cost, the more profit in the end you make as

Christian Rodwell  35:20  

well. Yeah. Interesting how all of these things just so linked, aren't

Unknown Speaker  35:24  

they? And you know what, Chris, I was constantly reassured I was listening to an interview that you know, we've we've got some copywriters, and another people who do interviews and I was listening to an interview that was done for something that will come out soon. And one of the things I noticed was this particular gentleman who was being interviewed was saying, he was drawn to wealth builders, because of our impartiality. And because we're holistic, there's so many things, I think, in the area, that domain of wealth, tend to be myopic, they'll focus on one thing, this one thing you know, and this one thing is a puzzle piece in the jigsaw. What wealth builders does is shows the picture, the whole picture of the jigsaw puzzle, and then helps you understand how each piece works. When you're ready to place it. You know, and I think that's really valuable. So I'm proud that we do that. I'm proud, we're the only holistic company I know of, in the whole of the UK. And if you're remotely interested in getting to know us more, come along on the 30th and say, Hi. But if not just take the trouble to ask somebody else to say, Hey, this is a good podcast, you know, have a listen. Or just get in touch and and see if you know, you might want to turn some of our this light that we shine on the wealth building process on yourself.

Christian Rodwell  36:46  

Yes, absolutely. And if you've enjoyed this episode, or recent episodes and just hit the share button on your podcasting app and share it with someone, just one person who think might enjoy it, too and benefit from it. We'd really appreciate that. Yeah, hopefully, we will see some of you tomorrow evening. We'll very much look forward to that. And thanks again for tuning in today. And Kevin, we'll be back Same time, same place next week.

Unknown Speaker  37:07  

We'll do and I'll see you later. But until the next time we're on a podcast, my friend See,

Unknown Speaker  37:13  

we hope you enjoy today's episode. Don't forget that we are constantly updating our resources inside the wealth builders membership site to help you create, build and protect your wealth. Head over to wealth right now for free access. That's wealth

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How much natural light do you get a day? And why is it so important? Dr Shelley James recently did a Tedx talk about the benefits of light and how the space station lighting used by astronauts can help us here on earth. Shelley’s Tedx has been extremely well received, being one of the top 3 Tedx talks in the world in May, just 5 days after its release and now having over 85,000 view on the Tedx YouTube channel.

On average we spend less than an hour a day outside and our body clocks are really struggling. The technology that was developed to help astronauts survive indoor life is actually now available and affordable.

What does this have to do with building wealth? Our mindset and wellbeing is crucial. If we're not in the right frame of mind, then we're not going to be as productive as we could be. Sharpness of brain and your ability to remember things, are just two of many things that are completely mediated by your exposure to light.

Tune in to hear how Shelley launched a campaign for teens which reach over 2.5 million kids to help them to see how they can use light to be healthier, happier and more sustainable. Shelley also discussed how property developers can use lighting to add real value to their spaces, secure better quality tenants and lower vacancy rates.

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How much natural light do you get a day? And why is it so important?

Dr Shelley James recently completed a Tedx talk about the benefits of light and how the space station lighting used by astronauts can help us here on earth. Shelley’s Tedx has been extremely well received, being one of the top 3 Tedx talks in the world in May, just 5 days after its release and now having over 85,000 views on the Tedx YouTube channel.

On average we spend less than an hour a day outside and our body clocks are really struggling. The technology that was developed to help astronauts survive indoor life is actually now available and affordable. 

What does this have to do with building wealth? Our mindset and wellbeing is crucial. If we're not in the right frame of mind, then we're not going to be as productive as we could be. Sharpness of brain and your ability to remember things, are just two of many things that are completely mediated by your exposure to light. 

Tune in to hear how Shelley launched a campaign for teens which reach over 2.5 million kids to help them to see how they can use light to be healthier, happier and more sustainable. Shelley also discussed how property developers can use lighting to add real value to their spaces, secure better quality tenants and lower vacancy rates.

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