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Online education on everything you need to know about SSAS pensions.

Education is at the core of everything we do, and we’re the SSAS experts. We’ve trained and empowered many hundreds of people and our self-study course will boost your financial future, teaching you how to get the most from your pensions with a SSAS.

Learn at home in
your own time

Every SSAS strategy covered

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What is a SSAS?

The SSAS, also known as the Business Owner’s or Director’s Pension, isn’t your normal type of pension.

SSAS stands for Small Self-Administered Scheme. Based on a Trust Deed, each SSAS needs to be approved by HMRC.

Exclusive to business owners, it’s an occupational pension which means there must be a company to ‘sponsor’ the scheme from the outset, most likely a company that you are a director of and possibly a shareholder. Because your pension is linked to your business and not someone else’s, you retain the control. You decide what, when and how to invest and build your wealth.

What's included in the SSAS self-study course?

You'll only need to spare a couple of hours each week to take part in the challenge. All live sessions will be recorded so you can watch them back in your own time, and follow the weekly actions when it best suits you.

Preparing for SSAS

Learn about transfering existing pensions and choosing your professional trustee. You may also need to seek professional advice.

Planning your SSAS strategy

Learn about the 4 key SSAS strategies: Commercial property, Loan-back to your business, Lending to others, Alternative investments.

Due diligence and risk

Making a mistake with your SSAS can be extremely costly. We will show you how to become a confident and competent trustee.

How does the self-study course differ from the SSAS programme?

Our self study course offers access to all of the education that our full SSAS membership programme provides, without the following:
  • 1:1 SSAS expert support for 12 months
  • SSAS application with HMRC
  • Unique WealthBuilders trustee offering
  • SSAS support desk
  • Private SSAS members community
  • SSAS Q&A sessions with Kevin Whelan



You will receive instant access to the training following your purchase.

" For me, SSAS was a daunting subject but I knew it would provide long term benefits as an alternative source of wealth creation. I'd like to thank WealthBuilders for the incredible education I've received and subsequent help they have provided since I became a SSAS trustee. "

Nick Woods

Why choose WealthBuilders?

Unlike many financial specialists, we don’t want to take control of your money. In fact, quite the contrary. We want to show you how to do it for yourself.

We’re here to empower you, helping you gain the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our SSAS self-study course will help you to create a clear plan to take complete control of your pensions and create a lasting legacy for your family.