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A high-quality, durable A1 Size (59cm x 84cm) wall-chart with wipe-clean laminated finish allowing you to keep track of your wealth-building progress year after year.

A unique wealth-building process

Wealth-building is a scientific process. Kevin Whelan, Founder of WealthBuilders, has created a unique approach to generating recurring income from assets, and there are only 7 assets to choose from - which we refer to as 'pillars'.

The WealthChart guides you through our 'Recurring Revenue Roadmap' process which we teach to a limited number of members each year inside the WealthBuilders Academy

WealthChart - features

Building wealth isn't easy. Too many people 'drift' through life without focusing on their own wealth plan. It's been proven that where focus goes, energy flows. The WealthChart has been designed to help you stay focused every month on building recurring income.

Monthly actions & results

Write your key actions at the start of each month, and then record your results, positive or negative!

Your primary pillar

You must choose at least one primary pillar to focus on building wealth. There are 7 to choose from.

The roof & the foundation

Critical elements of the wealth-building process which reduce your expenses and protect your wealth.

Wealth Dynamics

Add your four wealth frequencies as a reminder of which areas you should focus on, and which to avoid.

Your chosen strategy

After defining your asset class (pillar) the next step is to get clear on the strategy, and turn the wheel!

Measure recurring income

Your primary objective is to increase monthly recurring income and watch that thermometer rise!



The WealthChart will be dispatched by 1st Class Royal Mail to UK Addresses only.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure that you'll absolutely love the WealthChart, however, you may still have some questions. If they are not answered below, you can contact us.

What size is the WealthChart?

The WealthChart is printed A1 size (59.4cm high x 84.1cm wide). The WealthChart is printed on a gloss laminate which provides a 'wipe-clean' surface allowing you to easily update each section, and then wipe clean again when you are next ready to update it.

Do I need to replace the WealthChart yearly?

No! Because the WealthChart is printed on a gloss-free laminated material, you can simply wipe clean the chart at the end of each year and start all over again. IMPORTANT: You will want to make a note of your monthly recurring income figure at the end of year, and transfer that number to your starting recurring income figure at the beginning of the following year.

What pens should I use on the WealthChart?

You can use any marker pen that is marked 'dry wipe' or suitable for whiteboards. This will allow you to wipe clean all of your annotations and update your progress whenever you need to. Do not use permanent marker pens or biro as these will not be removable.

How will the WealthChart make me wealthy?

Unfortunately, we can't promise you that simply by owning the WealthChart and updating it every month with your progress will make you wealthy. Wealth-building isn't easy, and it usually takes several years of consistent, focused action. What we hope, is that by updating the chart each month, you'll be constantly reminded of the WealthBuilders Academy process, and that you'll become focused to take action and build wealth when you see your asset income thermometer rising!

How often should I update the WealthChart

At a minimum, every month. At the top of the WealthChart you will be reminded with a quote from WealthBuilders Founder, Kevin Whelan, which states 'Never let 30 days go by without taking some action to build your wealth'. The chart also includes useful tick-box reminders for both the DEBITS and ROOF processes, both of which are discussed in previous episodes of the WealthTalk Podcast.

What if I haven't done my Wealth Dynamic?

Wealth Dynamics is an online assessment which helps entrepreneurs to discover their natural path to wealth. Every member of the WealthBuilders Academy takes the assessment, and can write their unique Wealth Frequencies on the chart as a constant reminder of how to stay in flow. Click here to take the Wealth Dynamics Test

Do I have to be a member to use this?

The WealthChart is available for anybody to purchase. you do not need to be an existing client of WealthBuilders or a member of the WealthBuilders Academy. The benefits of being a member are that you will understand the process much more clearly and you will be held accountable every month by Kevin Whelan and Christian Rodwell to focus on increasing your monthly recurring income.

Can I purchase more than one WealthChart?

Yes. It is possible to place an order for 2 x WealthChart and you will only pay postage once, as we will be able to insert 2 x WealthChart inside one postal tube and remain under the required postage weight. If you have any problems placing your order please contact us.